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* Irish advocacy group calls for investigation of senior Catholic Church figures … are they guilty of the crime of reckless endangerment of children … LMW: this is exactly what I have been calling for on this blog for over a year … when bishops go to jail, the Church will pay attention to the disaster it has inflicted on children and itself

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 6, 2012


Patsy McGarry, Mary Minihan And John Fallon write (9-6-12) …

A LEADING advocacy group for victims of child sexual abuse has called for a Garda investigation of senior Catholic Church figures in Ireland following new disclosures concerning child protection practices in four dioceses and three congregations published yesterday.

The findings followed reviews of the dioceses of Clonfert, Cork Ross, Kildare Leighlin and Limerick, and the congregations of the Sacred Heart Missionaries, the Spiritans (formerly Holy Ghost Fathers) and the male congregation of the Dominicans.

The reviews were conducted by the Catholic Church’s own child protection watchdog, the National Board for Safeguarding Children (NBSC). Its chief executive Ian Elliott, who led the reviews, described the findings as “disappointing”.

Maeve Lewis, executive director of the One in Four group, said after publication of the findings yesterday it was “as if certain senior churchmen continue to believe that child protection procedures are optional, and they are above the law of the land”.

“We know from the past that children were abused because church leaders protected sex offenders. I believe that where possible, the gardaí should now investigate if these senior men are in breach of the Criminal Justice Act 2006 and if there is evidence to show that they may be guilty of the crime of reckless endangerment of children.”



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