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* Romney insults the British – for which he is mocked by Brits & U.S. Republican conservatives … then he tries to make something out of nothing regarding the bust of Winston Churchill … the man has no political sense whatever … he would be a disaster as President … as even most Republican leaders now must know

Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 29, 2012



Maureen Dowd writes in the NYT (7/29/12) …

  • It’s like the epigraph in John O’Hara’s “Appointment at Samarra.” You can run from fate, but fate will be waiting in the next town, at the next marketplace.
  • Even as (Romney) angled to appear Anglo-Saxon and obsequiously vowed to restore the bust of Churchill to the Oval Office, Mitt condescended to the nation that invented condescension.

The Brits swiftly boxed his ears for his insolence and foul calumny.

  • Conservatives in London oozed scorn. Mayor Boris Johnson mocked “a guy called Mitt Romney,” and Prime Minister David Cameron suggested it was easier to run an Olympics “in the middle of nowhere.” Fleet Street spanked “Nowhere Man” and “Mitt the Twit.”
  • Conservatives on Fox News were dumbfounded. “You have to shake your head,” Karl Rove said. Charles Krauthammer pronounced the faux pas “unbelievable, it’s beyond human understanding, it’s incomprehensible. I’m out of adjectives.”
  • The alarming thing about Romney is that he has been running for president for years, but he still doesn’t know how to read a room. He doesn’t take anything in, he just puts it out. He doesn’t hear himself the way the rest of us hear him.
  • He came across like a wazzock, as The Daily Telegraph called him, using a British insult for a daft know-it-all.



Andrew Rosenthal wrote in the NYT (7/27-28/12) …

  • Here’s what really happened.
    • After Sept. 11, 2001, the British government lent President George W. Bush a bust of Winston Churchill for “the duration of the presidency.” The White House already had a similar bust, but Mr. Bush put the loaned one in the Oval Office.
    • After Mr. Bush was re-elected in 2004, the British said he could extend the loan for his second term. He did.
    • Following Mr. Obama’s inauguration, the usual redecoration took place. Various pieces of artwork and furniture were moved around. Loaned artwork was returned, including the Churchill bust, which went to the British Embassy.
    • Meanwhile, Mr. Obama selected a bust of Abraham Lincoln for the Oval Office. As far as I can tell, no protest was filed by Her Majesty’s Emissary to the Former Colonies.
    • But the other Churchill bust, the original one, remained in the White House. It’s outside the treaty room in the family quarters.
  • after insulting Olympic preparations in London yesterday,  Mr. Romney said he was “looking forward to the bust of Winston Churchill being in the Oval Office again.”
    • Does that mean he’ll relegate the bust of Lincoln to the residence, or perhaps an attic?
    • Should we assume that he loves Churchill more than Lincoln, Britain more than America?



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