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* the Catholic Church hierarchy is engaged in a purposeful coverup to keep priests who have sexually abused children out of jail … these are the same old men who want to prevent Catholic and non-Catholic women from having access to birth control

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 12, 2012


These are the men who enable and protect priests who sexually abuse children. When will we begin to put these criminals who obstruct justice and keep our children at risk in prison?


NBC4 reports (2/12/12) …

  • Some 200 Catholic priests suspected of sexual abuse are living undetected in communities across California, according to an attorney who represents hundreds of plaintiffs who sued the LA Archdiocese for molestation they say was inflicted on them by priests and clergy of the church.
  • “Many if not all these priests have admitted to sexual abuse,” Boucher said. “They live within a mile of 1,500 playgrounds, schools and daycare centers.”
  • In 2007 the LA Archdiocese reached an unprecedented $660 million settlement with many of the plaintiffs without admitting any wrong-doing.
  • It also agreed to let the courts decide which of the case-related church files should be made public, including those identifying alleged and admitted predators.
  • But according to Boucher and court documents, the Catholic Church has since engaged in a cover-up.

Church officials allowed priests suspected of sexually abusing children

to retire, flee the country or hide in rehab clinics

until the statute of limitations on prosecution ran out.

  • “What the church did is take these guys and send them off to facilities where they treat pedophile priests without ever alerting police,” Boucher said.
  • “By enabling these priests to be hidden for so many years the church protected them from being prosecuted.”

read the entire article at … http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/LAWYEREDPriests-Accused-of-Molesting-Children-Hiding-in-Plain-Sight-139132424.html


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