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* UPDATE: Karen Handel resigns … Nancy Brinker’s (Komen Foundation) right wing religious political agenda … seems to be more important than their concerns about women (especially poor women) who have breast cancer

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 7, 2012



Karen Handel, vice president for public policy at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, has resigned in the wake of the Planned Parenthood controversy, The Associated Press reports. Handel had supported cutting off funding to the organization. 

LMW: It seems likely she was asked to resign. Still … too little, too late for Komen.


Nancy Brinker ... pursuing a right wing religious political agenda


Betty Pinson writes on Daily Kos (2/1/12) …

  • In 2000, when I first became a breast cancer activist, one of my first assignments was contacting the senators and members of Congress in my area to encourage their support for the Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention & Treatment Act.
  • Upon calling my GOP senator and speaking with his aide, I was shocked to hear her tell me “Sen.__ can’t sign on as a co-sponsor to the bill because all the breast cancer groups aren’t in agreement on it.”  Shocked, I asked her who was opposing it.

She told me that Komen opposed the bill.

  • When I asked her why, she explained that Komen felt that treatment for uninsured breast cancer patients should be funded through private donations, like the pink ribbon race.  I was speechless, in shock.  A phone call to another activist confirmed it was true –
  • Komen was lobbying behind the scenes to kill the bill.
  • it wasn’t the end of Komen (and its founder, Nancy Brinker’s) political maneuvering to stall or kill legislation in Congress and in state legislatures that was supported by other breast cancer advocacy groups.
  • Nancy Brinker, the founder of Komen and sister of the famed, now deceased Susan G. Komen, has always thought of herself as a heavy hitting player in politics.
    • she raised millions for Bush’s election, as well as other GOP lawmakers.
    • She was appointed by Bush to high positions in his administration.
    • She has a very large ego and likes to play the role of political kingmaker, using her corporate backed non-profit organization to further her agenda.

So why did Brinker/Komen make this recent choice

to de-fund Planned Parenthood?  

  • It’s how they’ve always done things, they’re just being more transparent than they have in the past.
  • Who’s behind them, besides the GOP? Corporations, pharma companies, and probably a lot of very influential hospital and health care associations.



Nancy Goodman Brinker (from Wikipedia) …




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