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* another example of Romney’s ill-advised play for the chest-thumping right wing vote … does he really believes what he says? … about this, or anything else

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 3, 2012


the foreign policy chest-thumper


Fareed Zakaria writes in The Washington Post (2/1/12) …

Dear Mitt Romney,

  • This is a new world, very different from the America-centric one we got used to over the last generation.
  • President Obama has succeeded in preserving and even enhancing U.S. influence in this world precisely because he has recognized these new forces at work.
  • He has traveled to the emerging nations and spoken admiringly of their rise.
  • He replaced the old Western club and made the Group of 20 the central decision-making forum for global economic affairs.
  • By emphasizing multilateral organizations, alliance structures and international legitimacy, he got results.
  • It was Chinese and Russian cooperation that produced tougher sanctions against Iran.
  • It was the Arab Leagues formal request last year that made Western intervention in Libya uncontroversial.

By and large, you have ridiculed this approach to foreign policy,

arguing that you would instead expand the military,

act unilaterally and talk unapologetically. 

  • That might appeal to Republican primary voters, but chest-thumping triumphalism won’t help you secure America’s interests or ideals in a world populated by powerful new players.

You can call this new century whatever you like,

but it won’t change reality.



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