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* religious fundamentalists of all faiths … why can’t they define their relationships to their Gods without insisting that others share their views and practices?

Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 20, 2012



DOV LINZER writes in the NYT (1/19/12) …

  • Last month, an innocent, modestly dressed 8-year-old girl, Naama Margolese, living in Beit Shemesh, described being spat on and vilified by religious extremists — all men — who believed that she did not dress modestly enough while walking past them to the religious school she attends.
  • What is behind these deeply disturbing events? We are told that they arise from a religious concern about modesty, that women must be covered and sequestered so that men do not have improper sexual thoughts.
  • This is not a problem unique to Judaism. But the Talmud, the basis for Jewish law, offers a perhaps surprising answer: It places the responsibility for controlling men’s licentious thoughts about women squarely on the men.

Put more plainly, the Talmud says: It’s your problem, sir; not hers.

  • It is forbidden for a man to gaze sexually at a woman, whether beautiful or ugly, married or unmarried, says the Talmud.
  • The Talmud tells the religious man, in effect: If you have a problem, you deal with it. It is the male gaze — the way men look at women — that needs to be desexualized, not women in public. The power to make sure men don’t see women as objects of sexual gratification lies within men’s — and only men’s — control.

read the entire article at … http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/20/opinion/ultra-orthodox-jews-and-the-modesty-fight.html?partner=rss&emc=rss



  • As disgusting as is the behavior of the Jewish men described above, it is but part of a larger issue.
  • Too many religious people of all faiths seem to believe that they have the right to tell other people, who do not share their beliefs, how they should run their lives.
  • This arrogance is shared by members of Jewish, Catholic, Muslim and other religions, including the right wing religious fundamentalists of the United States who seem to control so much of the Republican party in America.
  • To me, it seems that these people are apparently incapable of defining their own relationship with their God without compelling others to do exactly as they do.
  • This attitude has led to many if not most of the world’s wars and to countless examples of persecution and execution of religious minorities.
  • It has also led to the well deserved contempt that many people have for religious fundamentalists of all persuasions.
  • Instead of inspiring others with their religious feeling and fervor, they create the exact opposite effect.



One Response to “* religious fundamentalists of all faiths … why can’t they define their relationships to their Gods without insisting that others share their views and practices?”

  1. Why do Gays push for same-sex marriage? Why are gays pushing their lifestyle thru TV/ Hollywood and anywhere else their voice can be heard? I do not care if you are Gay or what you do, I do not want to hear about it, and frankly I liked “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” my gay friends in the Navy benefited from the PRIVACY it offered. They kept their’ Gay to themselves and they knew, everybody knew but my gay friends never pushed the Gay agenda while on duty because it had nothing to do with our mission.

    “Fundamentalists”, Like Martin Luther King? Who was behind the Civil Rights movement, I did not see too many Atheists stepping forward to help free the Blacks in the south!

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