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* no adjustments to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits? ever? … I think that sort of rigid thinking is not good for our country … or for Democrats … CREDOaction listens

Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 24, 2011



CREDO to LMW (sign our petition) …

  • Tell Harry Reid and Democrats on the Super Committee: Thank you for standing up to Republican extremism and averting cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits.
  • Click here to automatically add your name.

LMW to CREDO (no!) …

  • Did you ever hear of the notion of compromise?
  • There is no effective governing without it, and you are contributing to its absence.

 CREDO’s response …

  • Thank you for emailing us.
  • We know that not every CREDO Action petition will resonate with every member, and that some people will disagree with some of the actions we ask you to take.
  • We’re sorry that you had concerns about this campaign, and we want you to know that we’re reading and paying attention to your comments and to those of other members with similar positions to yours.
  • We weigh the responses from our membership when making decisions about our campaigns, and we are grateful that you took the time to express your concerns.



2 Responses to “* no adjustments to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits? ever? … I think that sort of rigid thinking is not good for our country … or for Democrats … CREDOaction listens”

  1. Lew Weinstein said

    It is long past time for Obama to fight for what he believes in, or says he does. Maybe he just doesn’t know how, or maybe he doesn’t have the courage. Whatever, it’s very disappointing.

    But that doesn’t mean there should not be re-thinking and compromises.

    When the conditions under which Social Security was created are no longer true, shouldn’t we consider how to make it fit today’s world?

    When we probably have many times more military hardware than the rest of the world combined, do we need every new weapons system the military-industrial complex can think of?

    Rigid conservatism on the left is no more productive than the same attitudes on the right.

  2. Haven’t we compromised enough to the right wing? War in Iraq; spying on Americans; detention without due process; torture; bailout to Wall Street – no strings attached; austerity cuts that harm regular people but not the top tiers; Bush tax cuts … There is nothing wrong with deciding to fight at least some cuts. The left in the US has been up against extremists for years. Please, Lew, don’t attack a failure to compromise by people on the left without placing it in the broader context. Regular people are suffering badly and are afraid for their futures in the face of a government that doesn’t give a crap about them.
    The fact is, these safety nets should not be cut. Bailouts, corporate welfare, the military-industrial-security complex — these should all be cut vigorously first. Then there would be no need to cut the safety net. In fact, we should be joining the rest of the developed world and providing health care to all citizens and education to all citizens (and not the horrible status quo of public schools that provide for children of the rich better than for the children of the poor). These things would not be good only for the less well-off; they would help the country as a whole. We should invest in our own people, the greatest untapped resource of all. Who knows what we can achieve then?
    If a sadist threatens to cut off both of my legs (for no reason other than sadistic ones), should I compromise and offer to let him cut off just one? Or draw a line in the sand and fight him?

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