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* CNN posts thoughtful comments on the similarities and differences between sex abuse scandals at Penn State and the Catholic Church

Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 15, 2011



 CNN – On Thursday, we posted a story that pointed to various parallels between the Penn State and Roman Catholic Church sex abuse scandals. The question of whether those are valid comparisons became a hotly debated topic in our comments section, opening up a discussion about the ways the two cases might help shed light on one other.


  • In the Catholic Church, the police have only arrested one bishop. None have been fired.
  • there’s little accountability to force bishops to follow the church’s recommended rules on how to handle abuse.
  • Paterno and others tainted by this scandal are being fired (Cardinal Law was never “fired”, prosecuted, etc.)
  • Penn State is handling this situation far better than the catholic Church ever did.
  • I say that as a still-practicing Catholic trying to change the church from within.

fred Schumacher …

  • This incident points out a great weakness in Catholic Church structure: the lack of external oversight with power.
  • Catholic governance is a closed circle, a feedback loop where popes appoint bishops of like mind and bishops, as elector cardinals, elect a pope of like mind.
  • The laity are left on the outside, with no recourse to correct bad judgment on the part of the hierarchy.
  • Penn State regents are appointed through a public process and have the needs of the people of Pennsylvania as their primary concern.
  • Through the election of public officials, the “laity” of the state of Pennsylvania have ultimate control.
  • The regents, as a result, acted quickly and decisively.

JJ in CT

  • It’s not just the Catholic Church.
  • Abuse of children has occurred in all religions.
  • Abuse is a crime of power, and religions certainly hold power over their flocks.


  • Seems you could run a parallel with about any organization that covers up crimes inside its membership… cops, cults, military, PTA, banks, etc etc.
  • Singling out the church, (also guilty as sin) is pretty easy when you could envelope society as whole as a parallel.

source … http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/11/14/your-take-comments-on-penn-state-catholic-church-abuse-scandals/





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