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* signs of “fight” from President Obama … millionaires should pay at least the same % tax as the middle class … what reasonable person could argue with that?

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 19, 2011


that's the angry face we want to see



CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN & BEN SMITH write for Politico (9/19/11) …  President Barack Obama finally gave his liberal critics exactly what they wanted. His tough opening bid on deficit reduction and his feisty, defiant speech from the White House Monday were greeted with almost incredulous joy by progressives who have urged Obama to take this kind of hard line with Republicans since the day he was elected. He called for $1.5 trillion in new taxes on the wealthy. He protected Social Security. And he declined to include a conciliatory offer to raise the Medicare eligibility age … http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0911/63884.html


POLITICO Breaking News (9/19/11) …

President Barack Obama on Monday made an impassioned plea for what he described as his balanced plan to reduce the deficit, arguing that his proposal for a so-called “Buffett rule,” which would prohibit millionaires from paying a lower tax rate than middle-class Americans, is not “class warfare” as Republicans have charged.

“All I’m saying is that those who have done well, including me, should pay their fair share in taxes,” Obama said, adding that he would veto any legislation “that puts all the burden on closing the deficit on ordinary Americans.”

For more information… http://www.politico.com


4 Responses to “* signs of “fight” from President Obama … millionaires should pay at least the same % tax as the middle class … what reasonable person could argue with that?”

  1. chris said

    Stop all corprate wellfare. End all wars and return troops to conus. Stop all funding to other contries and companies. Suspand tax code for 4 years and institute flat tax rate. Give congress that time to rehab tax codes. US must get on good financial footing before the worrld drops the dollar as the reseve currrency.

  2. Chris said

    When the US has the greatest disparity in wealth in its history; a couple making 250K is not rich! The class war is long been underway. The too big to fails and every other group administrations picked to be recipients of cheap government money. The poor have gotten poorer and the top 1/10th of 1% hold more and more. What makes this money dump any different the last three which promised to create jobs?

  3. Reasonable people can’t argue against it reasonably, but the Republicans will argue about it and make the same claims that this will harm job creation. (Doesn’t seem to matter to them that the current rates aren’t exactly creating jobs.)
    Here is the thing: Obama has put out a reasonable argument. If I had to bet, the Republicans will oppose it.
    So what will Obama do then? “Compromise”? which we know means caving in?
    If Obama uses his tools of power and actually fights them rather than trying to get them to agree, then that will be “signs of fight in Obama.” Otherwise, this is same-old, same-old, just a promise during an election year to rev up the base he’s abused for most of his presidency.

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