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* Republican “DEATH SQUAD” cheers Governor Rick Perry’s Texas execution record

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 10, 2011


Gov. Perry of Texas


At this week’s Republican debate, moderator Brian Williams

started to ask Governor Perry a question:

“Your state has executed 234 death row inmates,

more than any other governor in modern times.”

Before Williams could even finish the question, the audience

at the Ronald Reagan center in California

burst into applause, cheering the executions.



The issue here is not Rick Perry, although I find it despicable that he undoubtedly presides over the execution of innocent people and does not care one whit. This man who cannot stop mixing religion and government obviously understands neither.

The issue here is the Republican “DEATH SQUAD” audience.

How deeply does this “sickness”

permeate the Republican Party?

Anyone who knows anything about the number of death penalty cases that have been overturned, often due to prosecutors inventing evidence of guilt or hiding evidence of innocence, must find the Republican attitude absolutely abhorrent.

Are these the same people who oppose all abortion based on the sanctity of human life? Why don’t they see the connection between these two issues and the inconsistency of their positions?



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