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* Gov Perry competes for “hypocrite of the day” … Texas has benefited from public sector job growth (the Obama stimulus) and from strict regulation of mortgages … yet Gov. Perry, in tune with the Tea Party “know-nothings,” opposes exactly this kind of government spending and government regulation

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 17, 2011


Gov. Perry of Texas ... competing with Gov Perry of FL for hypocrite of the day


 Robert Sheer writes on Huff Post (8/17/11) …

  • It is unfathomable that yet another Texas blowhard governor has emerged as a front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination.
  • vastly expanded exploitation of gas and oil reserves has produced many of the new jobs that the Texas governor claims.
  • yet … Texas remains tied with Mississippi for the largest number of workers earning wages equal to or less than the federal minimum wage.
  • much of the non-energy job growth is in the public sector, which has been in part financed by the federal government that Perry lambastes.
  • almost half of the state’s job growth the past two years was led by education, health care and government, the sectors of the economy that will now take a hit as federal stimulus money runs out and the state’s 8% cut in state spending translates into thousands of layoffs among state workers and teachers in the coming months.”
  • Texas has not suffered anything like the crushing foreclosure crisis that is the main source of joblessness in states from Florida to California.
  • The difference for Texas is one that most free-market conservatives ignore: It was precisely the tight government regulation of the housing market that spared Texas a similar fate.
  • Texas has maintained the strictest laws on home mortgages in the nation.
  • Bush, as Perry is doing, complained about big government in every area except lavish spending on the military-industrial complex, an important part of the Texas economy at more than $200 billion a year, double what it was a decade ago.

read the entire article at … http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-scheer/the-biggest-little-hypocr_b_928935.html?utm_source=DailyBrief&utm_campaign=081711&utm_medium=email&utm_content=BlogEntry&utm_term=Daily%20Brief



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