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* Obama promises aggressive initiatives in September

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 17, 2011



 FIRST READ reports (8/17/11) …

  • After weeks of criticism by Republicans and some Democrats for not unveiling a specific deficit-reduction plan, as well as initiatives to boost the economy, President Obama is set to deliver a major speech after Labor Day introducing both.
  • According to a senior administration official, the economic measures will be a mix of tax cuts, infrastructure ideas, and ways to help the long-term unemployed, all of which have enjoyed bipartisan support in the past.
  • As for deficit reduction, the senior administration official tells First Read that the president will offer a detailed plan — based upon the deal he was trying to reach with Speaker John Boehner — that will go beyond the $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction that the “Super Committee” is mandated to find (in order to cover the cost of that economic stimulus).
  • Obama will spend the fall pushing for passage of this plan.
  • And if Congress refuses to act, Obama will take his case to the American people.


  • This is just what Liberals and Progressives have been screaming for.
  • Let’s get behind the President and make these things happen.
  • Warning: there will be modifications to Medicare and Social Security in the package. In my view, these are absolutely necessary in order to preserve both programs for future generations, and we should act as soon as possible to lessen the pain.



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