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* all Republican Congressmen/women and many candidates for President accept government perks which they insist must be denied to the middle classes and the poor … that hypocrisy must be defeated in 2012

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 17, 2011


Gov. Scott of Florida ... Republican hypocrite of the day


Progress Florida reports (8/17/11) …

Florida has one of the highest rates of uninsured in the nation, yet Gov. Rick Scott has rejected federal health care funds that would provide health care for thousands of Florida families who desperately need it. Now, we’ve learned that Gov. Scott only pays $360-per-year for his own health insurance1, coverage that is paid for by Florida taxpayers – including those who have no coverage at all.

Click here to sign our open letter to Gov. Scott demanding he answer this simple question: “Gov. Scott, how can you justify having taxpayers pay for your health care while you oppose the same type of coverage for them?”

see http://www.progressflorida.org/ for more about Progress Florida.



There is also Michelle Bachmann who has accepted federal subsidies for the business she and her husband run, and who enjoys Congressional healthcare which we pay for but which is NOT available to the rest of us normal citizens. Have you heard of her turning down any Congressional perks? No? I thought not.

And Rick Perry … what will we learn about him in the days to come when the national spotlight is focused on him for the first time?

And the financial masters on Wall Street and in the banks, who accept federal bailouts and protection from their own horrible mistakes and lies, and then contribute to politicians who run on a platform of reducing all assistance to the middle classes and the poor.

How many of these “know-nothing” Tea Party supporters and candidates, many of whom are now in Congress benefiting from Congressional legislation which provides healthcare and pensions they wish to deny others, will admit the utter hypocrisy of their politics? Well, we know and we need to make it known far and wide.

It is the task of all Democrats to push President Obama and our other elected Democratic leaders to to expose the Republican fraud for what it is. Americans are not stupid. (Oh how I pray that is true!) If they hear the truth, they will respond. And perhaps elect a truly Democratic Congress and President in 2012 and we can begin to address our very real problems honestly and with compassion.

A first step will be for our Democratic candidates to refuse any political contributions from the wealthy and powerful to whom they will then be beholden.

America must be spared the disaster that awaits us if Republicans beholden to the “know-nothing” Tea Party achieve real power.

Liberals. progressives and independent voters must not abandon President Obama. We must not be over-critical because he has not accomplished what could not be accomplished. We must support him and push him to argue for the truth and do what he can now, and even more after the 2012 elections.



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