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* As an American and as a Jew, I demand an apology from Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 9, 2011


Gov. Perry of Texas


Amy Sullivan writes for TIME.COM (8/9/11) …

The Response, the prayer gathering that Perry sponsored in Houston last weekend, was a fairly typical evangelical revival. It featured personal testimonies, group prayer and smaller prayer circles, and lots and lots of worship music. But it was very clearly an evangelical revival. There’s nothing wrong with a politician speaking and praying at such an event. There’s also nothing wrong with a politician calling for a day of prayer and fasting.

But a politician, especially a governor who is elected to represent everyone in the large and diverse state of Texas, cannot sponsor an evangelical revival. And if he calls for a day of prayer, it cannot be limited to those “fellow Americans” who “call upon Jesus.” To do so is to break a rule in something called the Constitution.

read the entire article at …  http://news.yahoo.com/rick-perry-changing-rules-politics-095500909.html



As an American and as a Jew, I demand an apology from Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

I know I won’t get it from someone so ignorant of the concept of separation of church and state which is one of the fundamental ideas that makes our country so great. But I am sure that those Republicans who are Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and atheists and all other religions which do not “call upon Jesus” will keep this in mind every time Perry’s name appears on a ballot.

America is NOT a “Christian nation,”

a concept our founding founders found every bit as repugnant as I do.

It is a nation where everyone can pray as they wish, or not if they wish,

without any direct or indirect pressure from our government

towards any particular religious belief.



4 Responses to “* As an American and as a Jew, I demand an apology from Texas Gov. Rick Perry.”

  1. Mic said

    Freedom of Speech is sovereign, I would argue even hate speech actually and yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater… but I digress, and the Constitution guarantees Freedom OF Religion not Freedom FROM Religion. Hey I have to listen to filthy lyrics at work all night, I am offended, and does my employer care? nope.
    By the way nobody was forcing you to agree or accept his belief, and for my part, my sarcastic explanation was not an attempt to “Make you believe” my way… Jews are turned off by Christian religion because it has gone to far from its original JEWISH roots… Jesus, messiah or not would not recognize the Juggernaut of self-important self-righteous Cretans that dominate Christianity… for that I am sorry. But I pushed past religion and saw was plainly in the Talmud, and the simplicity of what was presented and that is what I shared with you, albeit sarcastically.

    One more thing: the religious Knit-wits I know would say “Mission Accomplished” Paul said I will bring Revival or Riot, so for you to be offened lets them think that the message is affecting you! Don’t play into they’re hands.

    I am not concerned if you believe that Jesus is the Christ, if I believe what I believe then as my Jewish friends say: “We’ll see”.

  2. Mic said

    Christian-Judeo, is what he said, sorry you missed it.

    I, on behalf of Rick Perry and other Christians apologize, for not having explained clearly enough that the Messiah has come to save Israel and all you have to do is believe…

    1. Accept that sin is in you life
    2. Get a Mikvah in the name of the G-D who saves= ‘Heh-ya Shueh (Jesus Christ) for the remission of sin, and
    3. Receive the gift of the RUACH HO KADESH.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, when He comes back to Jerusalem, he can explain it to you better.

    • Lew Weinstein said

      I respect your opinion. You are certainly entitled to your beliefs, just as I am entitled to mine.

      You, and Rick Perry as an individual, are even entitled to try to convince me what you think I should believe. I am entitled to ignore you.

      Gov. Perry, representing the government of Texas or as a candidate for President, as he is every time he appears in public, is NOT permitted to favor one religious belief over another. In America, he is restrained by our Constitution. The governor’s ignorance or blatant disregard of the Constitution is what this is about.

      I suspect Gov. Perry will get very few votes, if any, from any non-Christians.

  3. Jonathan said

    I think Perry’s revival meeting demonstrated a violation of separation of church and state principles – given his elected office. I think it demonstrated a lack of consideration for non-Christians – as people and as constituents. I think it was, however, a calculated move to appeal to his base.

    We – non-Christians and/or believers in the Constitutional principle of separation of church and state – are entitled to take Perry’s actions and their clear implications into account when we vote for or against him as a candidate for office. I don’t feel he needs to apologize to me, however.

    He is who he is. I wouldn’t want him representing me. I wouldn’t vote for him.

    I wouldn’t send him an apology, though, and I don’t need one from him.

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