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* The Wall Street Journal … proud no longer!

Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 21, 2011


the downfall of a once proud newspaper


Jack Murkinsin writes in the Huffington Post (7/21/11) …

  • The Wall Street Journal issued an extraordinary editorial on Monday, lashing out against critics of parent company News Corp and defending the company’s response to the phone hacking crisis.
  • The editorial in Monday’s paper came just days after the Journal’s publisher, Les Hinton, resigned amidst rising pressure over the hacking scandal. It also came after News Corp spent three days abjectly apologizing for the criminal behavior inside the company, with Rupert Murdoch personally leading the way in signed, full-page ads that ran in every national newspaper in Britain.
  • The Journal took a decidedly different tack, accusing its company’s critics of selective, politically and commercially motivated moral outrage:

We also trust that readers can see through the commercial and ideological motives of our competitor-critics. The Schadenfreude is so thick you can’t cut it with a chainsaw. Especially redolent are lectures about journalistic standards from publications that give Julian Assange and WikiLeaks their moral imprimatur. They want their readers to believe, based on no evidence, that the tabloid excesses of one publication somehow tarnish thousands of other News Corp. journalists across the world.

read the entire article at … http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/18/wall-street-journals-defi_n_901308.html



Remember when the Wall Street Journal was a respected newspaper. You could agree or disagree with their opinions and slant, but you could feel that they were honestly come by. No more. This is exactly why people like Rupert Murdoch should not be allowed to build up media empires where they can easily over-control the news and editorial content. But, thanks to the internet, Sir Rupert will get his deserved comeuppance.



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