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* Bush’s war in Afghanistan has been almost a total waste … in the end, despite the magnificent work and dedication of our troops, we will have accomplished nothing except against al Qaeda, for which we did not need the invasion which was mounted … we should get out as quickly as possible … regardless of what the generals want

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 30, 2011



Peter Beinart writes in the Daily Beast (6/30/11) …

  • after the U.S. pullout, Afghanistan will be a chaotic place where the Taliban rules large swaths of territory, the government cannot secure the country, and the political process can’t end the war.
  •  Even if we stayed for 20 years, building a government that can stand on its own might be beyond our capacity. We’d go broke trying, and there is little reason to believe the future of this Afghan government is vital to U.S. security.
  • There’s an honest way to advocate for withdrawal from Afghanistan and a dishonest way.
    • The dishonest way is to suggest that we’ll leave behind a government that can secure the country and a political process than can end the war.
    • The honest way is to acknowledge that the Afghanistan we leave behind will be a chaotic, ugly place where the Taliban rules large swaths of the country, and much of what we have built may be washed away.

read the entire article at … http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/06/30/kabul-bombing-shows-afghanistan-will-be-chaotic-after-u-s-leaves.html?om_rid=Nsjkcc&om_mid=_BODHcFB8cJbMDF



  • Beinart is totally correct.
    • Afghanistan was Bush’s war and it never made any sense.
    • Our efforts should have been limited to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.
    • We had bin Laden at Tora Bora and Bush let him get away.
    • Then Bush diverted troops to Iraq, another unsupportable waste of men, women, civilians, and treasure.
    • and forgot all about Osama bin Laden
  • President Obama has now accomplished the killing of bin Laden which Bush couldn’t or wouldn’t do. It’s time to get out.
  • The terrible thing is that both wars, all the dead and wounded, all the terrible impact on the U.S. financially, were a waste.
  • Nobody wants to admit that, especially to the loved ones of those who died. But it’s true.
  • Our troops did a magnificent job. It’s surely not their fault the mission made no sense. They should get our honor, our thanks, and our apology.

Will we ever learn?


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