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* the alliance of the Koch brothers with Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Scalia is one of the slimiest bits of political corruption in recent memory … Thomas and Scalia should be impeached!

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 19, 2011


Koch brothers Charles and David with their Supreme Court buddies Justices Scalia and Thomas


It has been done … Samuel Chase (April 17, 1741 – June 19, 1811) was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court and earlier was a signatory to the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of Maryland. Early in life, Chase was a “firebrand” states-righter and revolutionary. His political views changed over his lifetime and in the last decades of his career he became well-known as a staunch Federalist, and was impeached for allegedly letting his partisan leanings affect his court decisions. Chase was acquitted.


Justices Thomas and Scalia attend political retreat sponsered by Koch brothers

  • In January, the liberal advocacy organization Common Cause asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Justices Thomas and Antonin Scalia should have recused themselves from last year’s Citizens United campaign finance case 
  • … because they had attended a political retreat organized by the billionaire Koch brothers, who support groups that stood to benefit from the court’s decision.



Koch brothers spend vast sums promoting their own interests …

  • … a brilliant piece of investigative reporting by the Washington-based watchdog Centre for Public Integrity has detailed the Kochs’ vast political and lobbying operations.
  • The sums of money spent in furthering Koch interests and power are staggering.
  • The causes are varied but self-centered around the vital interests of Koch Industries such as 
    • oil, 
    • energy, 
    • chemicals 
    • and financial products.
  • Employing no less than 30 lobbyists in Washington, Koch Industries has lobbied to change more than 100 pieces of federal legislation.



Justices Thomas and Scalia tip a  5-4 Supreme Court decision to allow Koch brothers (and others) to spend unlimited amounts in candidate elections

  • Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court holding that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited
  • … a 5–4 decision, in favor of Citizens United
  • … the Court struck down a provision of the McCain–Feingold Act that prohibited all corporations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, and unions … from broadcasting “electioneering communications.” 




  • This is the worst piece of political slime in years.
  • Chief Justice Roberts should have publicly insisted that Thomas and Scalia recuse themselves from the Citizens United case.
  • The Congress should now institute impeachment proceedings against Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Scalia
  • What is the status of the Justice Department review of the Common Cause complaint?



2 Responses to “* the alliance of the Koch brothers with Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Scalia is one of the slimiest bits of political corruption in recent memory … Thomas and Scalia should be impeached!”

  1. Lew Weinstein said

    perhaps your rant has just begun … we will never solve our other problems until we reduce teh influence of big money on political decisions … will you try to get your friends to sign my petition?

  2. Ilene Kent said

    It’s really quite startling. And it’s no coincidence that Andrew Breitbart and his little minions went after Anthony Weiner (using fake twitter accounts – gee, I wonder why they needed to use fake accounts if it was all so on the up=and-up) … Weiner was the most vocal Member of Congress asking hard questions amount about Justice Thomas, and why the sitting justice would not recuse himself from a health care case, when his wife has made nearly a quarter of a million dollars from the healthy care industry! (The term “dirty tricks” comes to mind.) It’s rather horrifying, actually, the extent to which Koch and Roger Ailes are in the pockets of two branches of government, and don’t get me started on that big fat idiot Chris Christie.

    I’m done with my rant.


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