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* what Congressman Weiner did and did not do … Minority Leader Pelosi and other Democratic leaders should STOP calling for his resignation

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 9, 2011

Nancy Pelosi & Anthony Weiner


Jonathan Allan writes in Politico (6/9/11) …

  • Rep. Anthony Weiner’s grip on his House seat grew far more tenuous Wednesday as he was hit with the release of another graphic picture purported to be of his genitals, the public revelation that his wife is pregnant and a flood of calls from prominent Democrats for him to resign.
  • pressure is steadily building from within Democratic ranks for him to call it quits 

Read more at … http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0611/56535.html



  • What Congressman Weiner did was stupid and crude, and showed no respect for his wife.
  • But if those were the criteria for being in Congress, it might be difficult some days to raise a quorum.
  • Here’s what Weiner didn’t do
    • Weiner did not have sex with anyone but his wife.
    • He did not commit any crimes of sexual harassment
    • He did not use government money for the benefit of any of his twitter friends.
  • Many Republican members of Congress and Governors have done all of the things Mr. Weiner did not do, and have remained in office (Democrats usually quit). The Republican leadership never asked them to resign.
  • While I would join Minority Leader Pelosi and other Democrats in condemning Mr. Weiner for his actions, I think it is up to the voters in his district to decide if, on balance, he deserves to remain in office.

How many of those now calling for Weiner’s resignation

have done far worse and remained in office?



4 Responses to “* what Congressman Weiner did and did not do … Minority Leader Pelosi and other Democratic leaders should STOP calling for his resignation”

  1. The problem with Weiner is that this stuff is forever online and available. It’s hard for it to be forgotten. That said, I don’t think he should resign, because he didn’t do anything really wrong – just embarrassing. Many people have thought similar thoughts. They just weren’t made public. This would be a good time for a national, “adult” discussion about such things. Yes, the Big Talk about s-e-x. It would be nice if we as a country could grow up and not go ga ga over every sex scandal. Yes, people have sex. People talk dirty. People have fantasies. Yep.
    The *real problem* is that Democrats are showing that they won’t FIGHT. They won’t fight for Weiner. But, more, they haven’t fought for much at all. They took impeachment of Bush et al. “off the table” when they took the House in 2006. That, for me, was unforgivable. They are not going after torturers. They are not going after those in the Bush White House who waged aggressive war against Iraq and even Afghanistan, given that the Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden to a third country. More, the Democratic president has failed to close Guantanamo and black sites (where undoubtedly torture continues). He has failed to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and is waging aggressive war against other countries. He killed Bin Laden rather than capture him and interrogate him (think of the info that would have been gained) and have a real trial, to do something to rehabilitate the rule of law (something I thought Obama would do). Obama failed to fight on the Bush tax cut extension. Democrats have failed to fight extending USA PATRIOT (sic) ACT. The list goes on.
    Perhaps Weiner sent his pics to prove that some Democrats actually have balls?

  2. Lew Weinstein said

    FIRST READ reports … *** Answering why Ensign and Vitter didn’t get the same political pressure Weiner is receiving: Turning briefly to Weiner-gate, liberals and progressives have asked this question: Why is there a political drumbeat for embattled Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign when that didn’t exist for scandal-plagued Republicans like Sens. John Ensign and David Vitter? But there’s a simple reason for the difference. With Weiner, the entire Republican Party has leaned its shoulder into putting the Democratic Party in a box. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has gone on “TODAY” to demand Weiner’s resignation, while a top aide to House Minority Leader Eric Cantor has tweeted the latest developments in the story. By contrast, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued press releases for a week when the Ensign news first broke. But after that, Democrats let go. You didn’t see then-DNC Tim Kaine (who as a Senate candidate has now called for Weiner’s resignation) go on “TODAY” to demand Ensign’s ouster. And you didn’t see other Democrats do the same thing with Vitter. Republicans are much more disciplined at the drumbeat than Democrats have proven to be. Of course, there may be ONE big reason Democrats tread differently on sex scandals: Bill Clinton.

    • Lew Weinstein said

      FIRST READ has accurately reported, as they usually do. But consider the implications … Because Democrats have been wimps before, they should now get rid of one of the few outspoken D’s in the Congress? I was very frustrated by the failure of the Democratic Congress in 2009-2010 to really engage and move forward with Obama, who was the reason there was a Democratic Congress to begin with. We should have had a bigger and better thought out stimulus package. We should have dared teh Republicans to really filibuster so the country could see them doing it. I think Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, although they both have many good qualities and accomplishments, were not nearly as aggressive as they should have been, including with Vitter and Ensign. But that is no reason to throw Weiner under the bus.

  3. Linda said

    I agree, as usual, with your viewpoint Lew. Thanks for your reasonable approach. Congressman Weiner simply joins a long list of juvenile-minded polititians. His constituents will decide whether or not that disqualifies him as a strong champion of the liberal cause.
    Now, can we move on to more important matters of the day?

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