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* If the facts show that Governor Christie has stolen from the people of NJ, he deserves criminal prosecution.

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 4, 2011

Gov. Christie (R-NJ) enters his government helicopter


another blogger estimates the total cost of NJ Gov Christie’s helicopter adventure

Christie’s trip also required 3 Montvale, NJ police officers, a member of the fire department, and a state car had to be driven to Montvale, NJ from an unknown place to drive Christie and his wife the 100 yds. to and fro from the helicopter to the stands where he watched the game for 5 innings.

So along with the flying time for the helicopter, his body guards, police and fire personal, and the state car the whole trip had to have a cost in excess of $6,000.00.




  • My guess is that the total cost is even more. 
    • the arrogant governor doesn’t admit he was wrong 
    • and doesn’t think he should pay for his personal trip.
  • He has limited what he paid under protest to $2,100, which is likely to be well short of the total costs.
  • The Democrats in the NJ State Legislature should investigate this and other “personal” expenses the governor has charged to the taxpayers of NJ. 
  • Then, if the facts show what I think they will show, they should initiate prosecution against Governor Christie for misuse of government funds. 
  • If the facts show that Governor Christie has stolen from the people of NJ, he deserves criminal prosecution.
  • Before becoming Governor, Christie was a prosecutor. He knows the law and has chosen to flaunt it.



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