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* Jared Loughner and Sarah Palin’s crosshairs

Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 14, 2011

did Jared Loughner see Sarah's crosshairs?



The Tucson assassin Jared Loughner clearly targeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords for years. By whatever distorted logic worked in his mind, it seems to have been a political assassination.

The direct impact of Sarah’s crosshairs on the killer’s deranged mind, if any, is not known yet.

But I would not be surprised to learn that there was a link … perhaps along these lines … if such an important person as Sarah Palin can suggest shooting the Congresswoman by placing her under the crosshairs, it must be all right to actually do it.

The fact that Palin does not see fit to at least acknowledge even the possibility of such a connection indicates her lack of understanding of the possible consequences of her graphic. Beyond that, she doesn’t even seem to care if there might be a connection.



2 Responses to “* Jared Loughner and Sarah Palin’s crosshairs”

  1. Linda said

    I heard a very interesting report on NPR this morning (you can check it out on their website) that there is a major study that has been done over the years on assassins and would-be assassins of political figures. Almost 100% of their motives have centered on noteriety and the notion of fame and going down in the history books. Very interesting. There seems to be very little interest in politics in these people’s minds.

    • Yes, but only in America, where we of course don’t have political assassinations. Here, “lone nuts” do it. But whenever there is an assassination in another country, our media duly talk about them as political assassinations.
      We’re America. We’re different.

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