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* Sarah’s crosshairs have no place in our political conversation

Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 9, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords' was one of the districts targeted by Sarah Palin's crosshairs


an email from G …

  • THIS is the Gun-Crosshair map which was on Sarah Palin’s website YESTERDAY, at the time Congresswoman Giffords and all the others were shot.
  • Within hours, It was scrubbed from the internet.


  • Have we had enough of this dangerous moron?
  • Sarah Palin has no understanding of what it means to be a responsible political leader.
  • The people who support her need to wake up and realize how dangerous she really is.
  • I’m not saying that Sarah Palin wanted anyone to shoot Congresswoman Giffords.
  • But what people say has consequences, which Sarah Palin is too ignorant to understand.
  • Sarah’s crosshairs have no place in our political conversation.



9 Responses to “* Sarah’s crosshairs have no place in our political conversation”

  1. Lew Weinstein said

    Just because there is a spirited difference of opinion on an issue tells us nothing about which arguments are more correct than others. Sometimes one side really does have the facts on its side. Sometimes neither does. Sometimes it is mixed. That’s why we argue. All views are welcome here unless there are personal attacks, which I will delete.

  2. Dave said

    There are far to many comments on here attacking adherents to a given poitical leaning. Wether it be republican or democrat. Seems there are folks on both sides of that aisle who demean themselves, the political process and the party they claim to support with devisive rhetoric. Examples are too numerous to ignore from leaders at teh highest levels to average citizens who cant wait to describe thier opposites as soemhow less than human or as intellectually challenged. The issue, in my opinion is that we all feel so free to insult each other in the first place. You would have a hard time saying some of these things to my face, So dont write them here.

  3. Chris said

    Perhaps a right to own guns does not equal the right to harm others. That’s why what this person did is a crime.
    Taking away ones right does not protect the masses. Stop messing with my rights in the desire to make the world a tranquil and peaceful place. Act accordingly and go forth in peace.
    You are responsible for your own safety and well being.
    What connects us instead of what pulls apart. Stop with the blaming others and calling everyone names. Just because I disagree with you does not me a nut job.
    Think for yourself.

  4. Barbara said

    This terrible incident may hopefully ring a loud clanging bell in the heads of the followers of the extreme, publicity grabbing, anything to shock, anything to hate, anyone to oppose mice. Perhaps the Pied Piper who would lead this country down to its its own demise can be stopped? The socio-political climate is all to similar to the same climate in the early 30s.

  5. JD said

    If only there were some LEGAL remedy for this kind of behavior… it’s global and it’s toxic – especially for unstable folks like the shooter. All it takes is the suggestion.

  6. Ilene said

    Not sure anything will convince her supporters … and they will not acknowledge that this was at all political. Apparently Glenn-o is harping on the kid’s reading of Marx’s “communist manifesto.” Of course, they refuse to follow the normal logic that it is the fringe and the nutjobs that are most susceptible to the crap she and her colleagues have been spewing, “don’t retreat/reload,” the map below, .. “Job KILLING health care bill”.

    And you can be damn sure that if this guy had had brown skin, the right would have been screaming terrorism. Maybe Cong. Peter king will rethink his hearings on what creates “MUSLIM terrorists.”

    Further, this will not only have a chilling effect on Democrats but on all elected representatives. I have to say that even the Republicans I’ve seen interviewed are somewhat shaken. If this isn’t a wake up call to tamp down the rhetoric I don’t see what is. Any attempt to “rationalize” this from the right as the work of a deranged individual will, rightly, be met with concerns that it is exactly because of the deranged individuals – those most susceptible to these subliminal messaging of the right — that they MUST change their behavior and all good americans must demand they do so.

    Having said that, there’s no telling how Rushbo and Glenno-o will twist this to their benefit.

  7. Linda Bernstein said

    I am outraged beyond belief that someone like Sarah Palin who panders to the ignorant is allowed to continue to incite violence cloked under the mantle of the First Amendment. She should be covered in the ashes of shame and remorse.

  8. I agree. More, though, watch over the next few days as right wingers talk about how the Palin crosshair/target was just rhetoric, was playful, is nothing to get uptight about – I mean, only “libtards” would interpret it as anything else! But on the other hand, think if such targets were drawn by liberals? Wow. They would have been denounced ab initio as irresponsible, etc.
    The events of yesterday will have a chilling effect on Democrats.

    • Lew Weinstein said

      Perhaps the more responsible Republicans, who hate the meanness and ignorance which Sarah Palin exemplifies, but who have been terrified to say so, will finally find the courage to speak out.

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