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* Pope Ratzinger still can’t bring himself to fully confess … for the sins of the church … and his own … not until bishops, cardinals, and the pope himself are tried in a court of law will this issue be adequately dealt with

Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 24, 2010

Tim Ross writes in the DailyTelegraph (12/24/10) …

The Pope said this week …

  • The Roman Catholic Church must examine the failures in its teaching that allowed the “unimaginable” sexual abuse of children by priests to continue unchallenged for so long
  • The worldwide “humiliation” that the Church had experienced as a result of the scandal must serve as a spur to reform
  • disclosures of abuse in 2010 had reached “an unimaginable dimension” that required the Church to accept the “humiliation” as a call for renewal
  • We must ask ourselves what we can do to repair as much as possible the injustices that occurred. We must ask ourselves what was wrong in our message, in our entire way of configuring the Christian being, that allowed such a thing to occur.

However …

  • the Pontiff argued that the abuse crisis must be seen in its social “context,” suggesting that part of the blame lay with permissive attitudes in Western society dating from the 1970s.
  • he said the fault lay not only with the Church but also with the “context of our times”, in which child pornography, drug use and sexual trafficking were to some degree considered permissible.
  • The psychological devastation of children, in which human beings are reduced to a marketplace article, is a terrifying sign of the times.”
  • The underlying ideology of such excesses stemmed from the 1970s, when “paedophilia was theorised as something that was in keeping with man and even the child”, he said. “The effects of such theories are evident today.”

Representatives of abuse victims dismissed the Pope’s comments as “absolute nonsense.”

Margaret Kennedy, from the Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors group, said: “He is trying to say that the modern world is corrupt and sexually rampant. It is blaming society for what is actually their responsibility. No one in any age has ever thought that adults having sex with children is right.”

read the entire article at … http://www.thestarphoenix.com/news/Humiliation+Church/4021922/story.html



Ratzinger still doesn’t get it, but he is getting closer to the truth. What does he say when he goes to his confession? The Church has behaved abominably, and has failed to properly administer or support punishment of the criminals in its midst, one of whom is the Pope himself for his role in covering up abuse. Not until bishops, cardinals, and the pope himself are tried in a court of law will this issue be adequately dealt with.


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