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* Obama is right about the tax cut deal … it’s the best that can be achieved … progressives are willing to hurt millions of Americans to make a point they can’t win … And guess what? Obama has acted boldly and courageously … just like we said we wanted him to

Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 13, 2010


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from MSNBC First Read …

  • The Democrats’ tax-cut dilemma: On the tax deal, do some Democrats realize that perhaps the biggest danger of not cutting this deal is ceding the economic debate to the GOP for at least one election cycle, if not more?
  • Play it out: Dems decide to fight and get nothing when the tax cuts expire at the end of the year.
  • Then, on Jan. 6, the new GOP-led House “comes to the rescue” and passes legislation to extend the Bush-era tax cuts. So say the economy recovers a bit but not gangbusters.
  • Well, the GOP will criticize Democrats for creating uncertainty at fragile time. Or say the economy recovers gangbusters in 2011-12, the GOP will have an argument to take much of the credit.
  • Bottom line: If Democrats line up and try to kill the compromise, the political price they could pay might be much higher than they fathom as they’ll be on the wrong side of the economic argument — no matter the outcome.
  • At least they can control the process for now.

email to LMW from MoveOn …

  • This is a huge day in the fight to end the Bush tax breaks for the rich.
  • Later today, the Senate is expected to vote on the awful White House tax deal—and no one knows how this vote is going to come out.
  • Opposition to the deal has been growing by the hour ever since the deal was announced. And now’s the time for progressives to demand that our voices be heard—just like Bernie Sanders did on Friday when he spoke on the floor of the Senate for an incredible nine hours in opposition to the deal.
  • That’s why today we’re organizing a massive call-in day that we’re calling the Phone-In Filibuster to stop the millionaire tax bailout.
  • Can you join the effort by calling Senator Bill Nelson today?

LMW response to MoveOn …

NO NO NO … you’re being stupid … consider the realities … support the president


Obama is right about the tax cut deal … it’s the best that can be achieved … progressives are willing to hurt millions of Americans to make a point they can’t win. And guess what? Obama has acted boldly and courageously … just like we said we wanted him to



12 Responses to “* Obama is right about the tax cut deal … it’s the best that can be achieved … progressives are willing to hurt millions of Americans to make a point they can’t win … And guess what? Obama has acted boldly and courageously … just like we said we wanted him to”

  1. Carol L. said

    we should not underestimate his chess abilities – he is no one’s fool

  2. Joe S. said

    How will he win? we, who worked and contributed, are done!

    • Lew Weinstein said

      Nothing is ever certain … in love, war, or certainly politics. But I think Obama’s decision on the tax cut package will provide, as Krauthammer and others have shown, a major stimulus to the economy, more than could have been achieved by any other bill that could have been passed. I think Obama has been too weak, has not used his considerable power as he should have, and has failed to lead as strongly as he might have. However, as Scarlet said “tomorrow is another day.” I am hopeful.

  3. Liz said

    I agree.

  4. Jim S. said

    I agree with your conclusions. What I question are two major tactical errors by Obama:
    1) not publicly fighting hard against the tax cut for millionaires, standing on High Principle, before he caved (excuse me, compromised). I don’t mind his giving up on basic principles (this issue was a bedrock principle of his 2008 campaign), but please do so AFTER A GOOD FIGHT(use that bully-pulpit).
    2) You don’t fail to do (1) (i.e., cave without a strong public appeal) then attack your liberal base with mean-spirited words like “sanctimonious” and “purist.” Number 1 upset me; number two disgusted me.

  5. Jerry C. said

    I agree. I think most critics will come around and ultimately he will be vindicated.

  6. Maureen S. said

    I agree ! I am hanging in with Obama. I feel bad that I did not work harder during the mid term elections. I am going to work hard in 2012.

  7. Harry said

    If that was the choice, fine. But my objection is to the fact that he ever let it get to be that choice. Why didn’t he introduce his own bill last summer, cutting taxes for all but the top greedies, put it out there to the country in one of his great speeches, and make the Republicans filibuster it, if they dared? I don’t think he’s going to be elected unless he can show the country exactly what the opposition is– at this point, too many people think they are decent generous churchgoing job-creating crime-stopping benefactors to humanity.

    • Lew Weinstein said

      HARRY … I agree that Obama has not been nearly strong enough. He has not yet learned how to use the enormous power he has. It should not have come to this choice, but once here, he made the right choice. Maybe he will be stronger from here on … LEW

  8. Linda B. said

    I had come to the same conclusion over the weekend. Thanks. It’s a shame but the alternative is far worse I think.

  9. Brewster said

    It is a sad sight to observe the foam-mouthed liberal-left supporters of Obama raving about a (currently) unwinnable point. This is almost as bad as the Republicans stating that their main objective in the next two years is to repeal the medical insurance program, not help run the country and solve its multitude of problems (and simultaneously see to it that Obama is a one-term president). The extravagances of the lib-left response indicates the depth of their disappointment that Obama did not move fast enough to pass legislation when the Dems controlled the house, but it would be more damaging for the nation to not have compromised. I don’t often agree with David Brooks but his column today (printed in the Citizen) is on target. I agree with your second sentence below and am happy to read the first.

  10. Barbara said

    One commentator said “Obama is playing Chess” and everyone else is playing (wasn’t checkers, but something like that)… If that is so, he is living up to my expectations of him …..

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