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* Frank Rich is oh so right … it’s really sad … we had such expectations … if Obama can’t see his way to getting tougher, maybe the best thing would be for him to resign and let Joe Biden be president

Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 6, 2010

would Biden make a better President?


Frank Rich writes in the NYT (12/4/10) …

  • (we are witnessing) … President Obama’s latest and perhaps most humiliating attempt to placate his Republican captors in Washington.

Obama has seemingly surrendered

his once-considerable abilities

to act, decide or think.

  • the real problem is that he’s so indistinct no one across the entire political spectrum knows who he is.

A chief executive who repeatedly presents himself as a conciliator,

forever searching for the “good side” of all adversaries

and convening summits,

in the end comes across as weightless, if not AWOL.

  • Obama should have pounded home the case against profligate tax cuts for the wealthiest before the Democrats lost the Senate.

read the entire article at … http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/05/opinion/05rich.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rss



Frank Rich is right. It’s really so sad. We had such expectations. Not that we thought Obama would agree with every part of our individual priorities – that is clearly impossible. But that he would have the courage and skills to fight for what we thought were his own priorities. He has failed miserably to do that. I feel sorry for him, and for us. Maybe the best thing would be for Obama to resign and let Joe Biden be president.


6 Responses to “* Frank Rich is oh so right … it’s really sad … we had such expectations … if Obama can’t see his way to getting tougher, maybe the best thing would be for him to resign and let Joe Biden be president”

  1. Arnie & Lew said

    ARNIE … How about cutting aid to countries that don’t like us and act against us?
    How about not approving funding for oil drilling in Brazil for the benefit of China?
    How about eliminating unnecessary project funding like Alaska’s bridge to nowhere?
    How about line item veto?

    LEW … all good ideas which we should do, but not enough to make a real dent. especially if we extend hundred of billions of dollars of tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. we all need to share, which means changes in Social Security and Medicare as well as fair taxes on those who can afford them.

  2. Arnie said

    I read an article that the wealthy top 10% of the US population pay 70% of the income taxes. I also got hit with a hidden tax where my cost for Medicare B and Plan D have been surtaxed based on my last year’s MAGI (adjusted gross income). I believe that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. The problem is how to define fair share. My, and clients’ biggest problem is not being able to plan due to the inaction of Congress. I don’t know how much it will cost me to run my business as there are hidden costs in compliance and payroll taxes to name just two areas.

  3. Barbara said

    I am saddened by the fact that our President won’t take the tough stand that needs to be taken. I am perplexed especially because as it stands he certainly cannot think he will be elected for a second term ….. those enthusiastic, committed, inspired people who worked to get out the vote have lost some of their zeal. I was so moved and touched by his intellectual approach to things, even if some of them gave fodder to his enemies at the beginning ….. repairing our global standing through understanding and communication, etc., Idealistic? absolutely. Hopeful? absolutely. Naive? perhaps. But solving old problems with old solutions wasn’t the way, so certainly understandable.

    But now, his enemies….. and wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could up the ante to “frenemies” …. are his own people’s representatives. I do not believe that the American people are against him, but for some reason they elected representatives who are.

    I’ll be damned if I can understand any of this, but at this point in time, he still has the office of the Presidency, and ask Nancy Pelosi to tell him how to grow balls.

  4. Suzanne said

    Sorry–not in support of Biden being president–I will stick with Obama!

    • Lew Weinstein said

      I’m not seriously suggesting that Obama should leave office … but I am trying to dramatize the need for him to get way tougher and actually fight for what he believes in. It’s the only chance he has for a successful presidency and re-election.

  5. Evan, Roger, Joe and George said

    from Evan … Ah, liberals. First, they idealize the guy, hoping that a man with no previous foreign policy experience, no experience in governance or administration and virtually no trail of political loyalists in the Congress to depend on could change the world or even in the world of Washington, then they reject him for not doing so. Ugh. One of the joys for recognizing Obama as the inexperienced pragmatist that he is is that I have been pleasantly surprised, particularly in foreign policy. The reality is that Obama has nothing to get tough with

    from Roger … Agree, but Obama wants the unemployed benefits to be extended..the man is too logical and not political enough.

    from Joe … You betcha we are!

    from George … as much as I admire Obama – and I admire him greatly – he is lacking as a leader. he still has the bully pulpit (although it’s admittedly diminished) to push through much-needed reforms. how to jump start the prez?

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