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* David Plouffe (the mastermind who ran the unmatched Obama presidential campaign) is back in the saddle … is it too late? or are we going to see dramatic changes as voters compare the two actual candidates in each Congressional and Senate district? … in just over a month, we’ll know.

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 1, 2010

David Plouffe

an email today from David Plouffe …

NOTE: I sent off a contribution. If you care about our country, perhaps you’ll consider contributing as well.



Lewis —

As we head into the final weeks of the election, I want you to know we’re seeing positive trends across the country.

Voters are starting to focus on the choice they have in front of them.

They’re getting a good look at a new brand of Republican candidates pandering only to the extreme elements of their party. These candidates are out there talking about repealing health reform and phasing out fundamental programs like Social Security and Medicare.

I think we have to be clear that we’re not just talking about a few isolated instances here — this is where the real power lies within the modern Republican Party. And they are exactly who would be in charge if Republicans can take over Congress this fall.

Voters have a choice between our vision to keep America moving forward and the Republican promise to return to the policies that set us back as a nation.

You want a perfect illustration of this choice? Just look at my home state of Delaware, where Sarah Palin’s pick for the Senate seat, Christine O’Donnell, beat a center-right Republican, Mike Castle, in the primary and suddenly changed the landscape in that race.

Every day we learn more about Christine O’Donnell’s record. There’s a reason why the Delaware Republican Party chair said she was “not a viable candidate for any office” in the state.

This is a nominee who is so clearly out of the mainstream that she isn’t just an opponent of health reform — she even helped spread the “death panels” smear as recently as a few weeks ago.

But Christine O’Donnell is just one in this new batch of extreme Republican candidates. The Republican Party has set its sights set on taking over Congress — and that means pulling out all the stops to elect these folks. If they do, people like Christine O’Donnell will be empowered to do the things they’ve been promising on the campaign trail.

The vision they have for America is very different from yours and mine.

If the GOP and its extreme candidates take over Congress this fall, they have made it pretty clear what they’ll do: they’ll keep putting their special interest pals first at the expense of the middle class. They will bring our progress to a grinding halt, try to repeal health reform, and scale back the tough provisions of Wall Street reform. They’d mobilize an army of litigators to bring frivolous partisan lawsuits. And some want to go beyond the gridlock — to shut down the government entirely.

We have a simple plan to stop them: We are right now implementing the largest-scale voter-contact operation any party has ever run in an election like this. We’re running ads, but more importantly, you and thousands of other Organizing for America supporters are out there talking to millions of voters.

But I’m going to be honest — Election Day will be here before we know it. You’ve been so gracious to give us your time — and we are going to need more of it.

You’ve been generous with your financial support — but we need you to continue to donate whatever you can to fuel this effort. The other side might have millionaires and corporations writing checks to help them win, but we have always counted on grassroots supporters like you. That’s a bet I’ll take every time.

Please chip in $25 today — and support Organizing for America and our critical on-the-ground efforts going on right now:


Thanks so much for all you do for President Obama and for your country,

David Plouffe


take another look at what President Obama has accomplished at …

* excerpts from President Obama’s interview with Rolling Stone … this is the president we elected and we should be proud of what he has so far accomplished



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