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* Congressional Democrats are an embarrassment … but they’re still way better than their Republican counterparts

Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 15, 2010

Pelosi & Obama in happier times

FIRST READ writes (7/15/10) …

  • When the going gets tough, Democrats, well, they freak out — at least initially.
  • House Democrats are freaking out over Robert Gibbs’ innocuous and true statement that the House is in play (fyi: he never said Democrats would lose the House), and over another round of poll numbers.
  • Here’s the Washington Post: “House Democrats are lashing out at the White House, venting long-suppressed anger over what they see as President Obama’s lukewarm efforts to help them win reelection — and accusing administration officials of undermining the party’s chances of retaining the majority in November’s midterm elections.”



I am truly embarrassed and ashamed over the performance of Democrats in Congress. I am a life-long Democrat, and I worked hard to elect President Obama, but these guys (and women) are a bunch of timid wimps. They rolled over during the last two years of the Bush/Cheney monstrosity and they refuse to take aggressive actions without enormous prodding from the White House.

BTW, my personal prediction is that Democratic losses in November will be less than expected. The Republicans have no record to run on except their constant harping “NO” to anything Obama wants to do, even if it is something they normally would support. They want Obama to fail, and the country to fail.

When actual candidates face off in the fall, Democrats should be able to make the case that they are working hard and with amazing success to clean up the multiple messes left by 8 years of Bush/Cheney. Obama sounded the right theme last week … do you want to elect the party which is working hard to clean up the mess or the party which created the mess? Repeated often and enthusiastically, that’s a winning message.



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