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* Rev. James Martin, S.J., a Catholic priest … what needs to die so the Catholic Church may live … the church calls the criticism “petty gossip” and a “vile” smear operation orchestrated by anti-Vatican media

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 4, 2010

UPDATE (AP 4/4/10) …

Easter Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Square began with a senior cardinal defending Pope Benedict XVI from what he called “petty gossip” and hailing him for “unfailing” leadership and courage.

Sodano’s praise for Benedict as well as the church’s 400,000 priests worldwide cranked up a vigorous campaign by the Holy See to counter what it calls a “vile” smear operation orchestrated by anti-Vatican media aimed at weakening the papacy and its moral authority. His speech ignored demands by victims that he shoulder some responsibility for a common practice by bishops in the past of shuffling pedophile priests from parish to parish rather than sullying the church’s reputation by defrocking clergy who raped, sodomized or otherwise sexually abused minors. When the cardinal finished speaking, Benedict rose from his chair in front of the altar to embrace him.


The Church’s reaction to this crisis is utterly disgusting. Instead of taking responsibility and action, the Church, led by Joseph Ratzinger, blames everyone else. If history is any guide, soon they will blame the Jews.

Rev. James Martin, S.J., a Catholic priest, writes …

  • What needs to die is a clerical culture that long fostered power, privilege and secrecy.
  • What needs to die is an attitude that had placed concern for a priest’s reputation above that of a child’s welfare.
  • What needs to die is the mindset in which investigations of dissident theologians and American Catholic sisters were more swiftly prosecuted than investigations of abusive priests.
  • What needs to die is, in a word, a certain pride.

If we can let those old patterns die, the Catholic Church can be reborn. It can be a church more willing to confess its sins, more willing to seek forgiveness, more willing to do penance. Simple, humble, poor — like Jesus.

Read the entire article at … http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-james-martin-sj/the-churchs-easter-what-n_b_524349.html


Those who suffer most in this horrible affair are of course the victims of sexual abuse. But close behind them are the many good priests who are lumped together with the guilty. Because until the Church comes clean, no one can tell which is which.


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