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* Pope Benedict speaks of sin but avoids crime, including perhaps his own

Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 21, 2010

UPDATE … a Swiss churchman has called for the Holy See to start a registry of molester clergy to avoid more shuttling by bishops of pedophile priests from parish to parish.


  • Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday urged Catholics to refrain from judging sinners a day after he rebuked Irish bishops for their handling of a half-century of sexual abuse of minors by clergy.
  • The pontiff didn’t mention his letter chastising Ireland’s church hierarchy as he made his weekly appearance Sunday from his studio window overlooking St. Peter’s Square.
  • He cited the Gospel passage about Jesus’ inviting those without sin to cast the first stone toward an adulterer.
  • In Germany meanwhile, the news magazine Focus quoted the head of the German Bishops Conference on Sunday as acknowledging that Roman Catholic church consciously covered up cases of sexual abuse.

Read the entire article at … http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100321/ap_on_re_eu/eu_church_abuse


There is a huge difference between sin, which is the Church’s business, and crime, which is the state’s. Members of the Catholic Church committed crimes by sexually abusing children and more crimes by covering up the first crimes. Pope Benedict may well have committed such crimes of coverup, both in Germany and from the Vatican. He should be made to pay for his crimes. That he has also disgraced his Holy Office and should resign seems obvious to everyone but him.



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