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* John Adler’s NO vote on healthcare is despicable, and stupid politics besides. Before his abject betrayal, Adler might have had some future in politics; now he has none, and good riddance.

Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 20, 2010

soon-to-be former Congressman John Adler

Tom Moran writes in the Newark Star Ledger (3/19/10) …

  • U.S. Rep. John Adler Thursday delivered a kick in the gut to President Obama by announcing his opposition to health care reform, defecting at the last minute after playing coy for months.
  • It was not the kind of move that endears a congressman to his colleagues.
  • Adler squeaked into Congress in 2008 during the Obama landslide in New Jersey, and is the first Democrat to serve the mostly conservative 3rd District in a century.
  • Adler has held several public meetings on the topic, and every time he’s hit by a tidal wave of opposition. A forum in Toms River on Saturday that was supposed to be on tax reform turned into a pep rally against health reform.
  • “It’s overwhelmingly against the bill,” Adler says.
  • But the bigger point is that Adler is missing the significance of this moment. If the reform fails now, the cause of providing health care for all Americans could become radioactive for another decade.

read the entire column at … http://blog.nj.com/njv_tom_moran/2010/03/nj_rep_john_adler_is_undecided.html


John Adler’s position on healthcare is despicable, and stupid besides. He owes his Congressional seat to President Obama’s victory. His disloyalty to Obama, to the Democratic party’s ideals, and to 32,000,000 Americans who don’t have healthcare is astonishing.

Sure it’s a difficult seat for a Democrat; I know it well; I ran and lost in that district in 1980.

But that’s no excuse. And besides that, it’s bad politics; surely Democrats would have appreciated his courageous vote and worked hard for him this fall. Now, no Democrat should vote for him ever again, for any office.

Before his abject betrayal, John Adler might have had some future in politics; now he has none, and good riddance.



5 Responses to “* John Adler’s NO vote on healthcare is despicable, and stupid politics besides. Before his abject betrayal, Adler might have had some future in politics; now he has none, and good riddance.”

  1. Chris said

    I choose to drive, I choose to live in my community and support it with taxes. Freedoms are being taken. Every time you take something from somebody with out giving something in return that person is loosing freedom. You can not tell me you going to add 16 million people to Medicare and it saves money! Government does not run well and its ever growing size is taking more from those that contribute to give to those who don’t. So soon all the illegals will be given amnesty and healthcare. Well my retirement plan is set don’t move up the ladder move down collect more pay less.

  2. Jon said

    Running for reelection – by voting the opinions of ill-informed constituents – is not responsible government. Our elected officials have better access to the facts; not using those facts as a basis for their policy positions is cowardly, self-centered and irresponsible.

    I suggest readers check this link (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/politics/what-health-bill-means-for-you/?hpid=topnews) to the Washington Post to see how the new health care legislation will impact them; write back if you learn that you will actually be harmed by the legislation.

    The vast majority of Americans, and I suspect the vast majority of Rep. Adler’s constituents, will either benefit from health care reforms or see no impact at all, whether they choose to believe that or not. It is the congressman’s job to do what is in his constituents’ interests, not his own.

    • Chris said

      If you force companies to accept everyone without raising the funds to cover those costs they will go out of business. If the government was so good at running things why is Medicare, Medicaid, & Social security in financial crisis. What about my freedom and how is it possible the government can violate your freedom and force you to buy goods simply for being alive? Jon you are wrong and it will be proven in the long run.

      • Jon said


        Government already forces us to buy goods and services (like police and fire protection, a military, paved roads, etc.) via taxes. The goal of good government is to arrive at an acceptable level of shared contribution toward the expense of shared goods and services. Reasonable people can disagree on where this level is.

        Reasonable people can not disagree, however, that health care is something that everyone uses. The uninsured use emergency rooms at a great expense to the rest of us – in terms of higher service costs from hospitals and higher insurance premiums to cover the uninsured. The nature and severity of their conditions is also greater – and therefore requires more expensive treatment – because they do not receive preventive or primary care.

        By mandating that each citizen who depends on health care being available, while providing subsidies to help the poorest meet that mandate, our government is fairly allocating expenses to us all. Just as no one is immune from paying taxes, no one should be immune from paying for their healthcare.

        Mandated insurance is better – and more humane – than saying no at the emergency room. It allows people to access the primary care services that lessen the severity of untreated illness or injury.

        Anyone who pays taxes and drives on the right side of the road has already accepted that there are general rules for living in our society. This is just one more – far overdue – rule that will help to solve some of the problems you cited (i.e., escalating Medicare expenses).

        No one’s freedom is being taken away. The conditions for living in our society are continuing to shift, slightly, in a way that makes our country a better, more productive, healthier place for all of us to live.

        To the extent that businesses will face additional costs, that is true regardless of this policy. Health care expenses have increased incredibly over the past several years. No business is guaranteed to continue to operate. All businesses will be on equal footing in dealing with these changes (except for businesses with fewer than 50 employees, which are exempt).

  3. Chris said

    Is it not enough that the people he is supposed to represent opposed this legislation but that you know better than them? Soon you can also help pass Illegal immigration amnesty and cover them too. You are putting the final nails in the coffin of this country. Your arrogance and the arrogance of your party will harm us all.

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