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* Republicans believe in “NO” government, and they will obstruct everything to achieve it; when will Americans wake up?

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 9, 2010

The National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1935 to administer the National Labor Relations Act, the primary law governing relations between unions and employers in the private sector. The statute guarantees the right of employees to organize and to bargain collectively with their employers, and to engage in other protected concerted activity with or without a union, or to refrain from all such activity.

Sam Hananel (AP) writes (2-9-10) …

  • The Republicans’ first test of their new Senate clout could come in a vote to block President Barack Obama’s choice of a union attorney for a seat on the National Labor Relations Board.
  • Senate Democrats need 60 votes, one more than they control since Scott Brown of Massachusetts was sworn into office last week, to clear a GOP procedural hurdle to advance Craig Becker to a final Senate confirmation vote.
  • Republicans have held up Becker’s confirmation for months, saying they fear he will push an aggressive union agenda at the agency that referees labor disputes between unions and management.
  • The tussle over Becker is also another setback for the NLRB, which has been waiting for more than two years with vacancies in three of its five seats.
  • That has forced the agency to postpone hundreds of cases that could have a wider effect on the workplace.

Read the entire article at … http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100209/ap_on_bi_ge/us_senate_nlrb


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2 Responses to “* Republicans believe in “NO” government, and they will obstruct everything to achieve it; when will Americans wake up?”

  1. Bob Lurer said

    Thoughts From a Flaming Liberal

    I’ve been thinking about and observing politics for over thirty years and have really intensified my observations during the most recent year. I’ve come to compare and contrast the two major parties and have come away with the following conclusions:

    1. As to the Democrats in the Senate and the House, they are indeed the “Mommy Party” and the Republicans are the “Daddy” party. The D’s want to make nice and avoid any fight on any subject. They speak in lofty terms, make compromises wherever and whenever they think that by not making compromises, someone will be upset or accuse them of something and generally, they run like little girls to the hills when the going gets a bit rough. Will Rogers was correct when he said, “I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat.” Democrats are disorganized, well-meaning, spineless, will compromise ideals at the first hint of trouble, they are disunited, run in different directions and almost always loose sight of their ill-formed agenda. Democrats will fight amongst themselves while the other side looks on and laughs.

    2. The Republicans prepare a well thought out agenda, don’t particularly care to compromise with anyone if that compromise will have any, even minor negative effect on their agenda, don’t care if the other side gets upset, speaks in short, concise down-to-earth terms that can fit on any bumper sticker, lack manners in a debate, are generally mean-spirited and they never get flustered or sidetracked from their agenda items. They are organized, steadfast, ruthless, united and stand side-by-side in order to accomplish their agenda.

    3. Most recently, when the Democrats are in control of Congress and the White House, very little appears to get accomplished. When the Democrats are in control of the Congress and the Republicans control the White House, much seems to get accomplished. When the Republicans control Congress and the Democrats control the White House, more seems to get accomplished than if the Democrats control both.

    4. Liberal Democrats are now “Progressive” Democrats because they are afraid to call themselves “Liberal” as that word has become a pejorative. So instead of standing up for what they are, they run scared and change the name of what they really are and what they really stand for. As for me, I’m a Liberal Democrat.

    5. Conservative Republicans, even when abandoning conservative principles as the overspending and foreign entanglements in the George W. Bush era, never ran from the word “Conservative”.

    6. Democrats can never seem to be able communicate what it is that they are trying to do and why; and even if their plans make sense, they can’t seem to get the support needed.

    7. Republicans always seem to be able to communicate what it is that they are trying to do and why; and even when what they are trying to do makes no sense, they almost always succeed.

    8. As for my advice to the President and Democratic leaders in Congress, I’m reminded of two other Will Rogers’ quotes: “Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘Nice doggie’, until you can find a rock; and “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

    Bob Lurer

  2. Bob Lurer said

    To me, it is not a case of “When will Americans wake up?” but rather, when will the Democratic leadership, including President Obama wake up? A goal of bi-partisanship is laudable but it is not possible to negotiate with a person or group of persons who, simply stated, will accept no health care reform. The Democrats allowed over three hundred amendments to the health care bill, the majority of which came from Republicans and still, not one Republican in the Senate voted for the bill and only a single Republican in the House voted for the bill. The President wants participation by both parties but allowing one of the parties to do everything in its power to block any reform is not participation.

    Bob Lurer

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