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* proposed Constitutional amendment … members of Congress cannot treat themselves with special privileges

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 8, 2010

U.S. Congress

Thanks to Bob Lurer for sending this to me …

A proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution is being circulated, prompted by the way Congress treats itself to special privileges, such as healthcare, and exempts itself from laws which govern the rest of us.

What do you think? If you agree, tell your mailing list and ask them to tell theirs.

Here’s the proposed amendment …

“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Members of the United States Senate and to Members of the United States House of Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to Members of the United States Senate and Members of the United States House of Representatives that does not apply equally to all of the citizens of the United States”.



8 Responses to “* proposed Constitutional amendment … members of Congress cannot treat themselves with special privileges”

  1. sekeya said

    who is the congressman that has proposed this amendment?

  2. Ken Taylor said

    I agree on limiting the freebes, But I would recommend we find a way around Congress to get a constitution amendment that would have TERM LIMIT’S on congress that would limit a maximum of 8years of combined service in the congress. This would put new people in regardless ,instead of the same culture that we have now. They wouldn’t have time to become to rich from lobby.

  3. Lew Weinstein said

    All true. The question, however, is how to achieve such changes. In my judgment, this will require substantial modification in how we elect U.S. Senators and Representatives, including some form of term limits and how campaigns are financed. Making those changes will be difficult if not impossible. Are you aware of any groups which are trying to achieve such objectives?

  4. Lew Weinstein said

    I agree.

    We must bring the deficit under control over the medium to long term. However, when we need federal spending to continue to stimulate the economy and try to put people back to work, that is not the time to cut the deficit. President Obama has already begun the process of gaining control over the deficits: leaving Iraq, a more limited role in Afghanistan, not renewing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy when they expire later this year, and trying to develop a bi-partisan plan to address our choices.

    Most federal spending, however, is fixed by previous decisions: interest on the debt (Bush increased the debt during good times by starting two wars and providing large tax cuts for those who needed them least), social security, medicare, the unfunded prescription drug program for seniors passed several years ago (Bush).

    If we do not reform healthcare, costs will continue to rise until we are suffocated by them. Doing nothing is a prescription for disaster. Republicans don’t want to reform healthcare (they had 8 years and did nothing), they don’t want to help people without healthcare or who lose it when they lose their jobs, and they are saying NO to every Democratic proposal. We’ll see what happens on Feb 25 when I think President Obama has given them an opportunity to say something productive … or not.

    Other issues are our current infrastructure (roads and bridges are falling apart), needed public services (police, fire, teachers, etc), investments in energy alternatives so we are no longer dependent on foreign oil (we are paying the Saudis to educate terrorists who hate us), investments in education so we can continue to compete with China, India, Europe and others, global climate issues, and the list goes on.

    Everyone has their favorite issues for which they want to spend money while they oppose somebody else’s favorite issues. The facts are often confusing, and are often purposely distorted. Many of our elected representatives haven’t got the intelligence, the training or the time to understand what to do. If we threw them all out and elected all new representatives, the new ones would not be any smarter or have better training or have any more time, and they would have less experience so would know even less.

    To get a grip on our long term spending means making hard decisions about social security and medicare, which is where the money is. Either we cut benefits or increase taxes. Those who are unwilling to consider either and who also blame Obama for the deficit are simply not being truthful.

    • Chris said

      We cannot continue to grow a group of people who take more from the government than they contribute. Medicare and social security are not sustainable.
      I would love to see us building more than one nuclear power plant in this country. We have over regulated our nuclear industry out of existence and have not updated any oil refineries in twenty years. However demand for power and oil has skyrocketed.
      We must demand honesty and openness from our government.

  5. Lew Weinstein said

    Well, we agree on something. I am also coming more to think that some sort of term limits could also be helpful.

    The problem is that neither of these ideas is likely to happen.

    Incumbent Democrats and Republicans will not vote away their privileges or advantages. Perhaps we should identify candidates of either party who will and try to get them elected.

    • Chris said

      They would get a vote from me. I believe a large change in DC is needed to refocus the priorities of the people running this country.

  6. Chris said

    This is something that should be pushed forward and carried to the elections. A massive change in the occupants’ in Washington DC needs to change this could be it.

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