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* more Republican lies about Obama; these people have no scruples!

Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 13, 2010

Julie Mason writes in the Washington Examiner (1-8-09) …

Oh, Rudy! Really?

Rudy Giuliani told ABC News … “We had no domestic attacks under Bush. We’ve had one under Obama.”

Sigh. You’d expect America’s Mayor to at least vaguely remember 9/11.

What he also forgot, though, was the whole anthrax attack thing that followed. Five people were killed, 17 were injured and the FBI called it the worst biological attack in the history of America.

The shoe bomber Richard Reid also happened during the Bush administration.

read the entire article at … http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/Oh-Rudy-Really-81003397.html


It wasn’t a mistake. It was part of a very purposeful effort by leading Republicans and their captive FOX news allies to oppose President Obama on every front, including repeated knowing lies about the likely impact of his policies. There is a need for the opposition political party to state its views and try to influence the process. Surely the Democrats are not the home of all wisdom and they can make mistakes too. But our country needs responsible opposition that attempts to inform and not just to frighten. Republicans like Giuliani have no scruples; I find their behavior disgusting.


8 Responses to “* more Republican lies about Obama; these people have no scruples!”

  1. Tyrone said

    Six weeks before midterm elections, House Republicans vowed to cut taxes and federal spending, repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law and ban federal funding of abortion as part of a campaign manifesto designed to propel them to victory in November and a majority in the next Congress. What they don’t say to America is that their policy of the past create the horrible condition President Obama inherit and they criticize! They don’t say why all their proposals in there” Republicans’ ‘Pledge to America’ ” where kept secrete for the last two years! They also don’t tell America why they are the party of “NO” especially on issue that they propose under President Bush! They also don’t tell America why they criticize President Obama stimulus package but past a stimulus package under President G. W Bush! They don’t explain senator John Mc Cain flip flop from agreeing and writing a immigrant bill with the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Then fighting against it! Or the fact that Mc Cain said he would vote to appeal ” don’t asked don’t tell” if the top military wanted it appeal! Then Mc Cain gets on the floor of the senate and fight against it! The Republican also don’t tell America in this stupid ” Republicans’ ‘Pledge to America’ ” how they turn a surplus into a debt! Or why they continue the war in Iraq after finding out there where no WOMD ( Weapon of Mass Destruction)? That cause the needless death of 4,400 plus American troops! Republican never told America why they didn’t purchase proper upper body armor at the beginning of the Iraq War! That the “9/11 Report” stated could have save 750 American troops life’s! They don’t explain why parent of America troops had to find and purchase armor for their children because under Republican rule THEY DID NOT! ” Republicans’ ‘Pledge to America’ ” is a joke as was The Contract With America” JUST PROMISE AND LIES! Why would any American reward any Republicans with there vote knowing they cause needless death of American troops and turn a surplus into a debt! Causing the financial downfall of the country!

  2. Tyrone said

    Ones again white hatred and disrespect of American value are under attack by racist white American terrorist! White Americans are bringing shame to America and disrespecting every American! Also the whites who are silence against this evil are just as guilty! This is nothing more then white racism 101 in America! The Tea Party” Sarah Palin ,Glenn Beck , and Bill O’Reilly love to see hate and divide in America! They also love to lie about the country and make statements like “we want our country back and President Obama is not a American! Newt Gingrich is another white racist that was responsible for the downfall of America with his stupid Contract With America that started the downfall of the country. So now he blames President Obama and attack the President and state that the President is a African and don’t understand US! “US WHO? President Obama the President of the United State of America is being attack for speaking in America to a American school in America to American students! He going to tell the children that nothing is out of reach if they stay in school! He will also tell the children about his school days! Last year many white American pulled their children out of school when the President visit to tell the same message! White racism and white greed and white stupidity are the three evils that will continue to make America evil and look like a third rate country! The white Americans that participate in this evil shame the country and make America a laughing stock around the world!The lack of white leadership in America is behind the continuation of white racism and white stupidity and white greed and hate and divide and the financial downfall of the country! To think the President of the United State is not welcome in a American school! Other country laugh at America and the way whites disrespect the Constitution and fellow American and the President of their country! Their behavior is no better then terrorist that hate all Americans! My question: Just like whites criticize and demonize black people and blame all black people for the action of one! Where is white people self evaluation of themselves???? Why haven’t white people stop crime in their community 90% white on white crime is never explain or talked about! Where is the discussion on child molesting, incest, bank robbery, mental illness, AIDS, high school drop out in white community all mention very high! Poverty which is highest among white then any other race in America and never corrected and explain by the 43 white only Presidents???!

  3. Tyrone said

    Under former Mayor Giulani unarmed black citizen where beaten and murder by NYPD cops! Black children where made to strip in public pat and frisk a way of life for minorities children going to and from school! Mayor Guilani could careless and did nothing to prevent nor correct or discipline the cops that disrespect or murder black citizen. Matter of fact he defend the very obvious brutality! Mr.Diallo a innocent unarmed black man did not have to died in a hail of 41 bullet at the hands of four plainclothes white cops! The murder was seen as just cops doing cops work and some BLACK PEOPLE MUST DIE! So TOO-BAD-SO-SAD that is IT! Caroline Giuliani, 20, was taken into custody at a branch of the Sephora skin care and makeup store near the home on the tony East Side of Manhattan she shares with her mother, Donna Hanover, a former newscaster who divorced from Giuliani in 2002. Rudy Giuliani one of the biggest phony of all times daughter was caught stealing! The store has decide to not press charges because she is white and the daughter of the so-call crime fighter! Former Mayor Giuliani instructed police to arrest homeless, blacks and other minority for Jaywalking, standing on corners,loud music, stop and frisk black children as young as 6 while walking to and from school! From this behavior he claim he brought crime down! Attacking the poor, homeless and minority especially black people! At the same time Giuliani knew of his family members that where member of a Mafia gang that participated in murders stealing and many other crimes. NEVER did Giuliani go after or investigate his family members!What is so sickening about Giuliani’s daughter stealing episode. The excuses given by the white control press! Instead of just saying she is a thief that got caught STEALING! This more then likely WAS NOT her first time! But just like her father stupid mentality, security at that store normally focus on blacks and other minority! White criminals get a past and are able to rob stores blind and many other crimes. America see white women after white women murder raped and kidnap as do we see white children after white children. The bias justice system has failed white people by given white men passes and refusing to treat all people with equality! White Americans teach their children that black people are their Boogie Man and white people are the good people and victims. The fact of the matter is 93% of crime in white communities is white on white!

  4. Tyrone said


    As a former Marine I was totally outrage at the coverage of the ending of the Iraq War by the white control media! It wasn’t long ago that the public could turn on the news and hear “our troops ” our American hero” ! Then President Obama came into office and the military achievements are off the news map. The Afghanistan War is criticize by the top general and the white control media reports on how there is no corporation with the President of Afghanistan and the United States! The war in Afghanistan is going badly the war is going badly is repeated over and over by the white control media! Then it’s the war in Iraq that the white control media continue to play up the surge even after Bush/ Cheney is out of office! The world now knows that there would had not been a need for a surge if President Bush had just half a brain! There was no WOMD ( Weapon of Mass Destruction) therefore no need to attack Iraq no need for the Iraq War! But getting back to my outrage! 4,300 plus American troop DEAD nearly 100,000 wounded another 45% suffer from mental illness! 33% divorcing 41% can’t find employment and 12% losing their homes! All for a war that Bush/ Cheney started with no plan and no proper armor! But the white control media both liberal and conservative gave the men and women hardly no coverage on their return from Iraq. But when Tiger Woods held a press conference the media cut into programs to hear all the details! SHAME ON US ALL! Men and women of all race and religion fought and died for you! And the white control media allowed politic and hate and divide to disrespect America and the troops! The collective mentality to demonize and belittle anything and everything that President Obama attempts to do is obvious and shameful! Blaming President Obama for the mess that Bush/ Cheney did is outrageous! President has done more then many Presidents before him. But it is played down by the white control media! And the white Republican negative spend is picked up and repeated over and over! I for one am sick of Republicans telling me what most Americans think and believe! Negative polls that nobody knows who participates in are quoted over and over by the white control media! When President Bush was in office there where polls that said the Iraq war was WRONG! The Republican Party could careless and continue the war! So they don’t care what the public said. It’s about POWER! The first black President is held to a different standard then the past 43 white Presidents!

  5. Tyrone said

    NOTE: If you believe the Republican Party and the white control media President Obama has done NOTHING in the two years he has been President! LIE LIE LIE!!! There plan is to lie to the public and demonize President Obama effort for recovery! Like the stimulus package that they voted for under Bush/Cheney and President Obama increase! Or immigration a plan was wrote up by Senator John Mc Cain and Senator Teddy Kennedy! Now Mc Cain is against a plan for immigration under President Obama!Republican hold up unemployment benefits for American citizen JUST BECAUSE! President Obama put together a plan for small businesses and Republican that said all along we need a plan for small businesses vote against President Obama’s plan!
    1. President Obama change healthcare better then any of the 43 pass Presidents!Got a bill past that seven decade of politician could not do! Healthcare benefits cover adult children under their parent policy until 26 years of age! Before you where cut off at 22years old!
    2. President Obama is closing the prison in Cuba prosecuting inmates that former President Bush claim where trying to kill Americans!
    3. President Obama is closing down the needless war in Iraq bringing American troops home!A war started for NOTHING causing over 4,400 Americans troops deaths for NOTHING!
    4. President Obama is investing billions into sending Americans to college thought taxes cut and funding
    5. President Obama has successfully negotiate with Russia reducing arms for a better America and a better world for the future.
    6. President Obama has started talk with other country on Global warming for a better America!
    7 President Obama sign a stimulus package that kept millions American from losing their job kept police and firefighter employed company in businesses and stabilize the country headed for a recession!
    8. President Obama gave $4,000 deduction if you purchase a new energy efficient new car !
    9. President Obama gave tax deduction to American citizen that purchase energy efficient applicants.
    10. President Obama sign a bill to start off shore drilling that will bring jobs to Americans! And reduce dependents on oversea oil! Because of BP oil spill President Obama secure 20 billion…when the cap was 75 million!
    11. President Obama approve 30,0000 more troops in Afghanistan and smartly put a time table on their return home. Even after the idiot Republican called him stupid for setting a deadline! SHOWING TRUE LEADERSHIP! He has a plan Bush &Cheney DID NOT!
    12. President Obama pass the best credit card reform bill in America history!
    13. President Obama put more regulation on the banking industry then any other President before him!
    14.President Obama put together a plan for small businesses and Republican that said all along we need a plan for small businesses vote against President Obama’s plan!
    15. Under President Obama fraud in healthcare has been expose and many people prosecute and the Buddy System under past Presidents crush!

  6. Bob Lurer said


    This week, the Senate is scheduled to take up Financial Reform legislation. The party of “NO” is again talking up the possibility of a filibuster. If the proposed legislation fails to get 60 votes and if the Republicans move forward with their threat, I urge Majority Leader Harry Reid to let them filibuster. In the past, if Leader Reid did a head count and determined that he did not have the votes needed to break the Republican threat, he would withdraw the bill from consideration. This time, however, I think Leader Reid needs to move forward and make the Republicans stand on the Senate floor and talk and talk and talk until they are blue. Allow the American public to watch their elected officials filibuster a bill that would start to rein in Wall Street and the Money-Center banks; let the voters see who supports Wall Street and who supports Main Street; let the voters come to their own conclusions as to which party strives to protect the public and which party strives to protect big business at the expense of the American citizenry. I predict that if Leader Reid lets it be known that he will move forward and require an actual filibuster, enough Republicans will fold as cheap lawn chairs and run away from their party leaders, voting to allow the bill to come to the Senate floor for consideration. In light of the recent suit brought by the Justice Department through the SEC, the tide against the Wall Street firms is higher now than it may ever be and to coin a phrase, Reid must “strike while the iron is hot.”

    • Lew Weinstein said

      I agree. If the Dems show guts, the R’s will fold. And I think, this time, the Dems will do the right thing.

  7. Chris said

    “Our country needs responsible opposition” This hardly seems like the real issue here. There is and always will be wild accusations and improper story telling. This seems minute versus the real issues effecting Americans every day. Information comes in we sort through it and give it due importance. If I turned on MSNBC the game is the same just a different play. Americans grow weary of this from both sides that is why people are turning out to express themselves in new ways. Tea Party people who where total scorned and unjustly vindicated by mostly all mainstream media with out the benefit of their real frustrations in government being shown. Instead they stuck to Hitler signs and death panels.Is that the real story when 100,000 march on D.C.?

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