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* Republican hypocrisy about the deficit and healthcare reform

Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 26, 2009

Bruce Bartlett wrote in Forbes (11-20-09) …

  • The human capacity for self-delusion never ceases to amaze me, so it shouldn’t surprise me that so many Republicans seem to genuinely believe that they are the party of fiscal responsibility.
  • six years ago this month a Republican president and a Republican Congress enacted the Medicare drug benefit, … “the most fiscally irresponsible piece of legislation since the 1960s.”
  • the Medicare drug benefit was a pure giveaway with a gross cost greater than either the House or Senate health reform bills how being considered.
  • Moreover, there is a critical distinction–
    • the drug benefit had no dedicated financing, no offsets and no revenue-raisers;
    • 100% of the cost simply added to the federal budget deficit,
    • whereas the health reform measures now being debated will be paid for with a combination of spending cuts and tax increases, adding nothing to the deficit over the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office
  • As far as I am concerned, any Republican who voted for the (2003) Medicare drug benefit has no right to criticize anything the Democrats have done in terms of adding to the national debt (in 2009).

Read the entire article at … http://www.forbes.com/2009/11/19/republican-budget-hypocrisy-health-care-opinions-columnists-bruce-bartlett.html


It should be clear to any thinking American of either party that the Republicans of 2009 have no other objective than to oppose as viciously as possible any measure supported by President Obama. In this, they are the worst imaginable example of sore losers. They are also totally indifferent to the needs of the American people, and they have zero conscience when it comes to spewing their lies on Fox News.

How do we counter this? We continue to support our fine President. We defeat the Republicans in the 2010 midterm elections and again in 2012. And we don’t watch Fox News.


3 Responses to “* Republican hypocrisy about the deficit and healthcare reform”

  1. Lew Weinstein said

    I think we will still get health care reform because Democrats are terrified to spend a whole year and produce nothing.

  2. Did the political defeat stop any chance of Obama’s health reform going through?

  3. Chris said

    Why are they not going to allow cspan full coverage of health care debate?

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