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* we should arrest the prosecutors who blew the Sen. Stevens case !!!

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 2, 2009

 Senator Ted Stevens’ lawyers have issued the following statement (thanks to CAROL for sending it to me) …

  •  We are grateful to learn that Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to drop all charges against Senator Ted Stevens. 
  • That decision is justified by the extraordinary evidence of government corruption in the prosecution of Senator Stevens. This jury verdict was obtained unlawfully.
  • The government disregarded the Constitution, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and well-established case law, which require the government to reveal to the defense all evidence that demonstrates the innocence of the accused.
  • Not only did the government fail to disclose evidence of innocence, but instead intentionally hid that evidence and created false evidence that they provided to the defense.
  • The misconduct of government prosecutors, and one or more FBI agents, was stunning.


I don’t know if Sen. Stevens is guilty of crimes or not, but it is incumbent on prosecutors to prove their case, and do so without cheating. There are rules which are supposed to protect us all against over-zealous prosecution, and too many prosecutors disregard those rules to get unwarranted convictions.

This leads to two tragedies, the person improperly convicted, and the fact that nobody ever brings charges against the prosecutors who broke the law.

This is an issue I have studied carefully. And I did more.

I wrote a novel, called A GOOD CONVICTION, which tells the story of a young man convicted of a murder he did not commit by a prosecutor who knew he didn’t do it. You can read more about my book, and order it, at …






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