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* Joe Scarborough is the one who doesn’t get it! The public knows who created this economic mess, and who has the best chance of fixing it.

Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 4, 2009

First Read: The day in politics by NBC News for NBC News reports (3-4-09)

  • To paraphrase Dickens, the last six weeks have been the best of times for Obama and the Democrats, and the worst of times for the Republicans. Just consider the latest findings from our NBC/WSJ poll:

  • Obama’s favorability rating is at 68% (an all-time high in our survey), 67% say they feel more hopeful about his leadership, 60% approve of his job in the White House, and 49% have a positive view of the Democratic Party (which is also near a high).

  • On the other hand, just 26% view the GOP positively (an all-time low in the poll), respondents blame Bush and congressional Republicans for most the partisanship in DC, 56% think the GOP’s opposition to Obama is based on politics, and Republicans lose by nearly 30 percentage points on the question about which party would do a better job of leading the country out of recession.

  • The public doesn’t blame Obama for the economy; 84% say Obama inherited this economy, and two-thirds of those people think he has at least a year before he’s responsible for it.

LMW COMMENT … As we listen to commentators like Joe Scarborough (Morning Joe on MSNBC)  and a whole range of “just say no” Republicans screaming that Obama doesn’t get it and that his program of change is bad for America, it is good to know that the people who elected Obama remember why they did so. On with the change we need.

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