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* Obama’s outreach to America … just beginning

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 9, 2009


  • Americans have organized Economic Recovery House Meetings in all 50 states — including 382 in California, 255 in Florida, 115 in Ohio, 199 in New York, 105 in Washington, and 149 in Texas.
  • That’s more than 3,587 meetings in 1,579 cities and 429 congressional districts.

The message of this particular email from Organizing for America is  …

  • President Obama’s recovery plan will help struggling families right now by saving or creating up to 4 million jobs. But it will also help strengthen our economy for the future by investing in crucial infrastructure projects in health care, education, and energy.
  • Share your story about how this economic crisis is affecting you and your family and join your fellow Americans in supporting bold action to speed our recovery.

After President Obama spoke in Indiana today, and answered questions, Roger Simon of politico.com, speaking on MSNBC, suggested that, if Congress does not support his plan, Obama will board Air Force One and go to one congressional district after another, to seek support and also to let the constituents know that their representative is standing in the way of the help they need.  

LMW COMMENT … and don’t think members of the House and Senate are not taking note. Obama is new and he has made some mistakes, mainly under-estimating the degree to which Republican ideologues would oppose him. But the President has unsurpassed resources with which to convince the country to support his plans, and this President is a fighter who has just begun to fight.


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