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* Charlie Cook: Obama needs to call the plays

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 7, 2009

Charlie Cook writes in The National Journal (2-7-09) …

  • If Obama plays his own game, he can win. But if he plays someone else’s, he loses.
  • To make real change, you have to try to do big things with broad-based support. 
  •  Congressional Democrats are understandably anxious to put into place those programs and priorities that got nowhere while Democrats chafed under Republican rule. 
  • For that very reason, the Obama White House must begin sending in the plays, or it risks having Hill quarterbacks call their own in ways that run counter to the president’s game plan and have much less likelihood of success.

LMW COMMENT … The President, and his Chief of Staff, will squeak through on the stimulus package with the help of two nice ladies from Maine and Arlen Specter. But they will also have learned a valuable lesson. Charlie Cook is so right. Obama needs to draft and send legislation to Congress, then negotiate with both Democrats and Republicans. Letting Congress have the first draft courts disaster.

Read the entire column at …http://www.nationaljournal.com/njmagazine/cr_20090207_8246.php



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