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* NYT: illegal acts by the Bush crowd should be investigated and, if the evidence is there, prosecuted

Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 28, 2009

From an editorial in today’s NYT (1-29-09) …

  • Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should have considered himself a lucky man when he was allowed to resign in disgrace in August 2007 without being hauled into Congress on perjury or contempt charges.
  • No one in the Bush administration — certainly not Mr. Gonzales — has offered evidence that torturing prisoners produced reliable information.
  • It did undermine the law, further endanger American soldiers who might be captured in the field and destroy the nation’s image.
  • That smug self-assurance should be another powerful reminder to the White House of the need for an unsparing review of all of Mr. Bush’s policies on torture, wiretapping and executive power.
  • Only by learning the details of those disastrous decisions can the nation hope to undo the damage and make sure these mistakes are not repeated.

LMW COMMENT … It may be that delving into the illegal Bush policies and actions regarding wiretapping, Gitmo, and torture would inhibit a spirit of cooperation with Republicans. It is a worthy goal, as President Obama has said repeatedly, to “look forward.” BUT …  if America is to regain its rightful pride in the ideals that make our country a special place in this world, we cannot ignore criminal behavior by our highest leaders. Congress won’t act. The Democratic majority in Congress has shown it is no more capable of competent action than the Republicans: the failure to demand accountability for the $350 billion in bailout money proves that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi et al are still the same bunch of wimps they have been for the past two years since achieving a majority. But President Obama can and should act. Once the new Attorney General is confirmed, he should launch an exhaustive review to identify illegal behavior by the Bush crowd, and if there is evidence to support it, he should bring prosecution.

Read the entire editorial at … http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/28/opinion/28wed2.html?ref=opinion




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