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Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 20, 2009

Peter Baker writes in the NYT …

  • Mr. Obama arrives at the presidency Tuesday after a transition that betrayed no hint of nervousness
  • seemingly undaunted by the magnitude of troubles awaiting him and unbothered by the few setbacks 
  • He remains hard to read or label — centrist in his appointments and bipartisan in his style, yet also pushing the broadest expansion of government in generations. 
  • He has reached across old boundaries to build the foundation of an administration that will be charged with hauling the country out of crisis, but for all the outreach he has made it clear he is centralizing policy making in the White House.
  • Mr. Obama is not shy about making decisions and making them expeditiously 
  • He has set out ideas for governance even before taking office, but he has also adapted the details as conditions changed.
  • Mr. Obama has taken a place in society that extends beyond political leadership. He is as much symbol as substance, an icon for the young and a sign of deliverance for an older generation
  • Mr. Obama has built a broader base of public support than many incoming presidents. 

LMW COMMENT … We are witnessing something unique in American politics, broad ranging intellectual and political talents combined with audacious objectives. The country is optimistic, poised for Obama’s success, yet patient (for now), knowing that change cannot come overnight. I think we can anticipate more good surprises from this remarkable man we have chosen to be our leader.

Read the entire article at … http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/20/us/politics/20transition.html?_r=1&hp



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