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* who will save us from the ignoramuses in Congress?

Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 7, 2009


Senator Harry Reid has been adamant that the Senate will not seat Roland Burris because he was nominated by Gov. Blago, who has been accused of crimes related to the appointment, none of which accusations, by the way, have anything remotely to do with Mr. Burris. Reid has cited the lack of a signature from the Illinois Secretary of State as the legal foundation for his actions.

One would think that before publically proclaiming his position, the Democratic Majority Leader would have checked the rules. But, since he (and the others) made no serious attempt to check Hank Paulson’s assertions or structure any rules about the $700 billion they gave him, or to verify President Bush’s equally untrue assertions about why we had to go to war in Iraq, it is perhaps foolish of us to expect any greater level of care on this far more trivial matter.

The facts, it now seems (and they are still evolving), are that the Illinois Secretary of State is not required by Illinois law, or even  by U.S. Senate rules, to sign Mr. Burris’ letter of appointment. Only the governor must sign, which Gov. Blago, who has not been indicted, who has not been impeached, and who is entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven otherwise, did.

Our country, and the world, are facing serious crises on many fronts. The seating of Roland Burris is not one of these. To divert time and effort to Mr. Burris is a travesty.

President Obama has assembled a first class team to match his first class intellect; he will lead a multi-faceted effort to solve our many problems. It is truly a shame that one of his major obstacles will be the ignoramuses in Congress, Democrats as well as Republicans, who have already proven themselves incapable of any constructive action on so many pressing issues.

The least they could do is to get out of the way, but of course they won’t.

Another issue for the patient Obama to untangle? Or will he finally, and with great justification, show his own frustration as these little people in Congress put their own petty bickering above the people’s interests. 



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