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* MSNBC First Read: Obama Widens His Lead

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 22, 2008

  • With 13 days to go, Obama has opened up his biggest lead over McCain in the NBC/WSJ poll, 52%-42%, which is up four points from his lead two weeks ago. 
  • This survey — conducted after the three presidential debates and in the midst of the Colin Powell endorsement — suggests that these events have made voters more comfortable with the idea of Obama as president. 
  • For one thing, 48% say they have confidence in Obama serving as commander in chief, which is nearly identical to the 50% who said the same of McCain. 
  • Moreover, 56% say they are either “optimistic or confident” or “satisfied and hopeful” that Obama would do a good job as president; only 44% say that of McCain. 
  • And now 55% believe that Obama shares their background and values, which isn’t far off from the 57% who believe the same about McCain. 
  • Obama never had to best McCain in these categories; he just had to meet a certain threshold with voters, which he has seemed to accomplish in our poll.

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