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* Rich (NYT): McCain isn’t steady enough to run the country

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 19, 2008

Frank Rich writes in the NYT …

  • As with the previous debates, every poll found Barack Obama the winner, this time by as much as two-to-one ratios.
  • McCain decided to put himself first and sell out his principles. That ignoble decision is what accounts for both the McCain campaign’s failures and its sleaze.
  • Now McCain is trying to distract us from his humiliating ineptitude by cranking up the politics of fear — another trademark Bush-Rove strategy.
  • Even before the housing bubble burst and Wall Street tumbled, voters could see that the seething, impulsive nominee isn’t temperamentally fit to be president.
  • That’s where the debates have come in. There may have been none of those knockout blows the press craves, but the accretional effect has been to teach the public that McCain isn’t steady enough to run the country even if the economy were sound, and that Obama just might be.
  • At least McCain had half a point on Wednesday night when he said, “I am not President Bush.” What he has offered his country this year is an older, crankier, more unsteady version of Bush. Tragically, he can no sooner escape our despised president than he can escape himself.

Read the entire column at … http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/19/opinion/19rich.html?_r=1&ref=opinion&oref=slogin


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