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* NYT Poll: McCain’s unfavorable ratings now exceed his favorables

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 16, 2008

  • A New York Times-CBS News poll released on the eve of the debate found that McCain’s favorable ratings had slipped badly since mid-September.
    • Then, McCain was viewed favorably by 44 percent of respondents and unfavorably by 37 percent.
    • Now, the balance is 36 percent positive and 41 percent negative.
    • In the same period, Obama’s net positive ratings have risen.
  • The poll asked voters if their opinion of McCain had changed for the better or for the worse in “the past couple of weeks.” 
    • Only 7 percent said their view had changed in a positive direction; 
    • 21 percent said it had moved in a negative direction.
  • Nearly a quarter of those who said their view of McCain had worsened 
    • cited his attacks on Obama as the reason for their change of heart;
    • a fifth mentioned his selection of Sarah Palin as running mate.
  • What’s striking about the past month is that the great American middle has shifted Obama’s way.
    • Recent polls by The Post and ABC News, Gallup, and the Pew Research Center suggest that Obama’s gains since mid-September have been especially large among whites, particularly white men, and also among independents and moderates. 

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