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* Maddow (MSNBC): McCain “mocked” right of a woman to have an abortion to save her own life

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 16, 2008

Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) thinks John McCain “mocked” the right of a woman to have an abortion to save her own life, and that this will resonate against McCain among pro-choice voters in the final days of this campaign. Rachel called McCain’s comments “dismissive” and “snide.”

Here’s the exchange from the debate …

Obama: With respect to partial-birth abortion, I am completely supportive of a ban on late-term abortions, partial-birth or otherwise, as long as there’s an exception for the mother’s health and life.

McCain: Just again, the example of the eloquence of Sen. Obama. He’s health for the mother. You know, that’s been stretched by the pro-abortion movement in America to mean almost anything. That’s the extreme pro-abortion position, quote, “health.” 

LMW COMMENT: McCain’s belittling of women’s health will haunt him to the end of this campaign. His derisive manner of speaking was even worse than the words. If you know any pro-choice women who are planning to vote for McCain, remind them of what their candidate thinks of women’s “health.” He would have women die rather than have an abortion! And he will, if he’s elected, appoint Supreme Court justices who will implement his views.



One Response to “* Maddow (MSNBC): McCain “mocked” right of a woman to have an abortion to save her own life”

  1. Linda Bernstein said

    Lew, thank you so much for your hard work on this blog and for alerting us of the important points of this election. This campaign effects all of us on so many levels and the matter of women’s health is indicative of how McCain will deal with so many others. Senator McCain has so completely slipped into the role of the “compassionate conservative”, which we’ve all learned too well during the Bush years to mean “I don’t care about you”, that it is hard to fathom why any woman would vote for him under any circumstances. And don’t forget his rabidly anti-Roe v Wade running mate who will keep him on this disasterous path. As the end of the election draws nears and with the economic crisis in full swing, I’m finding more and more weathly New York men AND women are turning their backs on Obama and planning to vote for McCain in hopes of preserving their beloved tax cuts and loop-holes It is a selfishness that is beyond my ability to remain calm. There is no reasoning with these people and I have stopped trying. I can only hope that most Americans will vote in support of the rights of every American, not just the precious few at the top. It is time we regain control of our country and re-make it into the shining example we once were.

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