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* Klindienst: condemns McCain-Pail hate tactics; asks Lieberman to intervene

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 13, 2008

Extracts from a letter from Patricia Klindienst to Sen. Joseph Lieberman …

  • it is so urgent that you act swiftly and unambiguously to denounce and oppose the hate speech incited by John McCain and Sarah Palin at their recent rallies.
  • after Palin lied about Obama’s relationship with Ayers, accusing him of being a terrorist, a man stood up and shouted, “Kill him!”  Palin did nothing to stop, correct, or discipline such a violent, racist, hate-filled call for assassination.  
  • We live in a nation rocked by the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. To allow a citizen to stand up and call for the assassination of Barack Obama is an outrage that harms us all.  
  • At a McCain rally in Ohio, as the senator kept insinuating lies about Obama, asking repeatedly, “Who is he really?” as if, after 20 months on the campaign trail, there are dark and dangerous secrets to be uncovered about Obama, a man in the crowd shouted “Terrorist!”  The crowd was booing, jeering, calling out in the most guttural way.  
  • Did McCain stop him?  Did he warn against hate speech and discipline the crowd?  No. He smiled.  He fueled the flames of hatred, ignorance, and reaction.   At other rallies, McCain has stood by while members of his audience have shouted that Obama is a “traitor.”   This is behavior worthy of a President?  McCain condones these acts of ignorant hate speech.  Do you?  
  • I write to call you to action:  first, contact Senator McCain and Governor Palin personally and tell them they have turned down a very dangerous path and must stop immediately. Then stand and make it public that you condemn these tactics

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