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* First Read (10-13-08): Obama Expands His Lead

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 13, 2008

First Read: The day in politics by NBC News for NBC News

*** Obama Expands His Lead:

  • Three weeks until Election Day, Obama now holds a more than 100-vote lead in NBC’s latest electoral map. He’s ahead of McCain 264-163, with 111 votes in the Toss-up column.
  • Last week, Obama was up 264-174.
  • Our changes: We moved Missouri from Lean McCain to Toss-up; Oregon and Washington from Lean Obama to Likely Obama; and West Virginia from Likely McCain to Lean McCain.
  • Something’s happening in West Virginia — yes, West Virginia — because of the economic angst. Obama’s been buying a bunch of TV time in markets that bleed into West Virginia, and the numbers have been closing for a time.
  • By the way, political analyst Charlie Cook is moving West Virginia all the way to Toss-up. If that state is on the move, could Arkansas be far behind? Both are states that can show Democratic movement in a bad economic environment.

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