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* Brooks: the economic complexities of our time require intelligent, articulate Presidential leadership, not obsolete Republican ideological rigidity

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 30, 2008

David Brooks writes in today’s NYT …

  • House Republicans led the way (to defeat the bailout package) and will get most of the blame.
  • House Republicans believe in free-market principles. What’s sad is that they still think it’s 1984. They seem not to have noticed how global capital flows have transformed our political economy.
  • We’re living in an age when a vast excess of capital sloshes around the world fueling cycles of bubble and bust. When the capital floods into a sector or economy, it washes away sober business practices, and habits of discipline and self-denial. Then the money managers panic and it sloshes out, punishing the just and unjust alike.

LMW COMMENT: House Republicans, some Democrats, and a substantial portion of our voting population simply do not understand the complexities, risks and opportunities of the global economy. We need what is obviously so lacking in Washington today: political leadership which is intelligent enough to understand what is going on and articulate enough to explain, teach and lead America into its risky future. What is not needed is ideological rigidity that cannot understand and deal with the facts on the ground. When voters compare the two tickets versus the requirements of guiding our country into unchartered territory, it seems to me they will reject the rigidity, bluster, and anti-intellectual fervor of McCain-Palin in favor of the breadth of understanding and competence offered by Obama-Biden. At this time in our national lives, we really do need the smartest politicians we can elect.

Read the entire article at … http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/30/opinion/30brooks.html?_r=2&oref=slogin&oref=slogin


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