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* Newsweek: McCain swoops and veers; Obama remains unruffled

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 29, 2008

Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas write in NEWSWEEK …

  • McCain may have figured he had nothing to lose by plunging in. As Sarah Palin mangled her canned answers to Katie Couric and showed up on YouTube submitting to anti-witchcraft ministrations from a Pentecostal pastor, McCain was rapidly losing his post-convention bounce.
  • Watching McCain swoop and veer over the past two weeks has been enough to induce vertigo, even among his admirers.
  • Obama kept his statements about the crisis measured, citing principles that should be taken into account in any bailout package but not offering a grand explanation for why one was needed. Throughout, he was quietly talking to Hank Paulson on a daily basis and grew to like Bush’s Treasury secretary so much that he told CNBC he was thinking of keeping him on for at least a transition period.
  • McCain took no position at the (White House) meeting.
  • Obama peppered Paulson with questions.
  • In the Friday-night debate, Obama was cool but to the point and unruffled when McCain condescended to him as naive and callow. McCain was more emotional and personal, but his jokes fell flat.
  • The candidates were encouraged to address each other directly, but only Obama did, and the effect was to make McCain look like the standoffish one.


Read the entire article at … http://www.newsweek.com/id/161325


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