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* McCain’s calls for regulation are hypocritical and insincere

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 25, 2008

John Fout writes on TheStreet.com (thanks to LINDA for sending me the article) …

  • John McCain has gone out of his way this week to demand oversight of the greedy Wall Street bankers and lobbyists who created our current financial crisis.
  • There’s one small problem with his loud cries: John McCain doesn’t believe in regulation.
    • Not only does he believe in massive deregulation of the banking system — a cause of the current crisis —
    • he also wants to spread the “innovation in banking” over the last decade to the health care industry.
  • McCain’s “subprime” approach to banking and health care can’t be trusted.



John McCain’s obviously insincere flip-flop on regulation appears to have gained him nothing, cost him in fact, because everyone understood how cynical he was.

John McCain doesn’t get it; but we do.


Read the entire article at … http://www.thestreet.com/story/10439195/1/opinion-mccains-regulation-talk-sounds-subprime.html


One Response to “* McCain’s calls for regulation are hypocritical and insincere”

  1. maureen hanahan said

    This past Sunday on 60 Minutes, John McCain was asked if he
    thought we were in a recession…his reply was..”technically,
    I don’t realy know..”….4 days later, McCain is announcing
    our economy is in a CRISIS…..Hoping the dabate will show
    more of this to the American Voters….Maureen Hanahan, Stuart,

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