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* McCain’s $365 trillion expenditure

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 24, 2008

Tom Friedman writes in today’s NYT …

  • We are discussing a $1 trillion bailout for our troubled banking system. This is a financial 9/11.
  • As Americans lose their homes and sink into debt, they no longer understand why we are spending $1 billion a day to make Iraqis feel more secure in their homes.


Barack Obama wants to withraw from Iraq as quickly as is safely possible. 

John McCain thinks it’s ok to stay 100 years.

A quick calculation … 100 years at $1 billion per day … that’s $365 billion per year … in 10 years that would be $3.65 trillion … in 100 years, it would be $365 trillion. (feel free to correct me if I got the calculation wrong.)

Now we know shoot-from-the-hip John McCain does not think things through. So he proposes a $365 trillion expenditure. That’s even more than Sarah Palin now says she rejected (after she supported) for the “Bridge to Nowhere.”

Hello! Those of you who are thinking of voting for this pair. Wake up!


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